Just Over A Year

The other day it hit me. I’ve been writing “Wednesday Wanderings” for just

Desk Detritus

 over a year.

My first full-sized entry went up on January 20, 2010 and was about a production of Twelfth Night I’d gone to see with some friends. (That reminds me. One of these fine days I really should write my re-interpretation/ sequel to that play).

Since then I’ve wandered about everything from my garden in its evolving stages, to various trips we’ve taken both around New Mexico and elsewhere, to some non-writerly activities I enjoy like beading and gaming. I’ve even written about a trip to the dump.

On my desk rests a card given to me by an artist friend. It reads: “You cannot achieve the Impossible/ Unless you attempt the Absurd.” This saying fits a lot of aspects of my life – I mean, I do attempt to make a living as a full-time fiction writer – but it applies especially strongly to “Wednesday Wanderings.”

My life is not exciting. I write books and stories. I garden. I read. I hike. But somehow I’ve managed over fifty-two entries in this series… Impossible! Absurd!

It has been said that “the unexamined life is not worth living.” One thing writing “Wednesday Wanderings” has done for me is make me examine my life.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m an anime fan. (See “Animated Enthusiasm,” March 10, 2010 if you’re interested in a little more). A Japanese phrase I’ve learned from this hobby is “yokatta.” Subtitles translate it alternately as “I’m so glad” or “I’m so grateful” or, less frequently, “I’m so relieved.”

I asked my friend Cale, who is currently teaching in Japan, what is the closest translation. After breaking “yokatta” down into parts and explaining the grammar (I actually like this sort of thing), Cale said that the precise meaning is fluid, meant to be defined by context.

Therefore, to those of you who have been reading “Wednesday Wanderings” – whether weekly or sporadically, whether you are among the “stealth readers” or the talkative ones who offer opinions – I would like to say “Yokatta.”

I am so glad. And grateful. And maybe <grin> just a bit relieved that you keep coming back around!


9 Responses to “Just Over A Year”

  1. Barbara Joan Says:

    I am grateful for the many insights and thoughts of your other blog readers as well as for your insights into life in general and your life in particular.

  2. Nicholas Wells Says:

    I find a it wonderful look inside the mind of my favorite author. I always like to know what the people I follow are like behind their claim to fame. here I have a weekly glimpse and a place where I can banter back a little. It’s perfect. I only wish when it’s my turn, I can be half as interesting.

  3. Alan Robson Says:

    I’ve known you for many years and we’ve talked and talked and talked about all kinds of things (particularly vet bills!). Nevertheless your Wednesday Wanderings are still fun and insightful and often spark interesting trains of thought. A year is nothing — you’ve got decades to go yet!


  4. Patrick Doris Says:

    I have totally enjoy following your Wednesday I hope you keep on letting us share these glimpse of your life.

  5. Frank Landis Says:

    It’s always fun to read these, and I’m glad you’ve kept blogging regularly.

  6. Ann M Nalley Says:

    Where has the year gone! It has been a great one! Much to my surprise and delight, I even feel as if I’ve made some Wednesday Wandering “friends,” which is something I never imagined. Thanks for taking the time to do this. With all that keeps you busy, it can’t be easy!

  7. janelindskold Says:

    I agree that this has been more fun than I imagined…

    And, as Ann said, I do feel there’s a friendly circle taking shape. I really enjoy when people start answering each other’s questions.

    I’m also delighted how pleasant the “tone” is…

    Now to see what I can come up with for this coming Wednesday!

  8. Paul Dellinger Says:

    I can’t believe it’s been a year. Times flies when you’re having fun, as all of us obviously have been. Looking forward to more years!!

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