Changer Available!

I’m happy to announce that my novel Changer is now available both as an

Changer: Old and New

e-book and in a new print on demand edition.  You’ll find the novel essentially unchanged, but I’ve included an introduction (adapted from my Wednesday Wandering for 10-20-10) and done a tiny bit of tweaking.

For those of you who want to immediately rush and order, here is some useful information.  For the print on demand “real” book, go to:  For the Kindle, go to:  For the Nook, go to:

All versions have a snazzy cover designed by Pati Nagle.  The new cover takes advantage of the larger format and – I think – captures the dramatic tension of the book in a completely different way than did the original southwestern style cover.

A few weeks ago (WW 11-23-11) we had a discussion of which of my books readers would use to introduce my work to their friends.  Several readers mentioned Changer and went on to express regrets they couldn’t get copies.  So, here’s your chance. If you’re still at a loss as to what to get as a holiday gift for that special someone, here’s an option.

Since Changer was first published a good many years ago (December 1998), I thought I’d share a few of the reviews it garnered at the time.

But first, a story…  The October after Changer was released I went to the World Fantasy convention.  I was moderating a panel on myth, folklore, and urban fantasy.  I was, frankly, incredibly nervous when I realized that two of my panelists would be Charles DeLint and Terri Windling.  I didn’t know either of them personally at that time, but DeLint was the convention’s Guest of Honor and Windling was renowned both as a novelist and editor.

I’d prepared very carefully, but the panel was a bit slow finding its flow, in part because on the one hand I had the very talkative Josepha Sherman and on the other the much quieter (I might even say shy) DeLint and Windling.  I also made the mistake of always offering DeLint, as Guest of Honor, first shot at any question until he wailed (in good humor): “Why do I always have to go first?!”

Anyhow, things were finally moving along nicely when, to my astonishment, DeLint and Windling cut in to ask me why I hadn’t mentioned Changer as a perfect representation of exactly the sort of book we were discussing.  I stammered that, as moderator, I tried to keep my own works somewhat in the background.  At that point, my two “shy” panelists hijacked the panel to praise Changer – my book – to the stars.

My friend Yvonne Coats was in the audience.  Afterwards, she gleefully reported that I had blushed bright red.

I still blush when sharing reviews, because it seems like bad form to brag, but I’m proud that not only was Changer well-received when it came out (it made the Locus bestseller list), but that all these years later, people still ask me where they can get a copy.

So, here are excerpts from a few reviews:

Carolyn Cushman in Locus called it: “… a delightful, multi-cultural mix, divertingly updated, complete with Internet access.”  (Please note that in 1999, the Internet was far from a given.)

Craig Chrissenger in The Albuquerque Journal said: “Changer is an exciting adventure into a world that exists side-by-side with our own.  Even better, Lindskold has infused her characters with motivations, traits, allegiances, and memories that bring this other world to life.”

In  Fantasy and Science Fiction Charles DeLint wrote: “A smart, funny, well-detailed romp of an adventure story that still finds room to address some serious concerns – a fabulous Romance in the best, and old, sense of the word…  Simply put, I loved this book.”

Neil Walsh on SF Site commented: “Changer made onto my personal top 10 best SF and fantasy books of 1998. …Changer is a thought-provoking, entertaining, imaginative story which includes some ideas and images I expect will stay with me for a long time.”

Terri Windling said: “Jane Lindskold is one of the best new writers to emerge in the fantasy field in the ‘90s.  In Changer, she imbues the modern world with rich, mythic resonance. …here’s an unusual, magical, and thoroughly entertaining new book to add to your shelves.”

So, there…  Enough!  The book is back and I hope you’ll give it a try.  And, yes, I plan to bring out the stand-alone sequel, Legends Walking, but that will be a few months down the road.  If you can’t wait, copies of the original printing are available on my website!

16 Responses to “Changer Available!”

  1. Peter Says:

    Happy happy joy joy! And at a very reasonable price for a backlist e-book to boot. Off to Amazon to put money into your chequing account…

  2. heteromeles Says:


  3. Dominique Says:

    Yay! Woot! *Happy Dance*

  4. kat Says:

    Changer was my first introduction to your writing, and still my favorite. So happy to see it available again! (My copy is awfully old and tattered)

  5. Tori Says:

    Hoorah! I know many eBook owners who will be so pleased!

    • janelindskold Says:

      Remember… It’s available as “real” book too. The CreateSpace address I gave is best for me. They pay better royalties! It’s weird, since Amazon owns them, but when you own the deck you get to make the rules!

  6. Max Kaehn (@mithriltabby) Says:

    Excellent! On the Nook, did you publish it with the DRM enabled? (The B&N store never says whether the epubs are encrypted or not; Tim Pratt was able to turn it off on his work up there.)

  7. Paul Says:

    Yes!! This kind of thing may be the answer to keeping good books in print, or at least available electronically. “Changer” deserves exposure to a new generation of readers, as does its sequel!

  8. Barbara Joan Says:

    Oh happy day!

  9. Rashkae Says:

    Alas, the B&N copy is DRM crippled.

  10. Jake King Says:

    The First book I read by Jane was “Through Wolf’s Eyes”. And after that every subsequent sequal. (sadly, I found TWE soon after it was released as paperback, and had to wait for each sequel as they were written. So frustrating.)

    Years later, I got to meet Jane at a New Mexico Author Panel in Albequerque, NM ( I was visiting a friend in Tucson, AZ, and found out about the panel on the way back, so made a detour).

    There I not only got to meet Jane, but she was also selling a backstock of all of her first edition paperbacks, including ‘Changer’, and ‘Legends Walking’. I of course bought a copy of each as quickly as I could, and She was kind enough to sign all of them. (Sadly, the 5th Firekeeper book was not yet on market, but I did also get a pre-release copy of the cover). Now, I have a very treasured collection of signed first’s on my shelves, but it’s a shame because a) I only read each of them once, and will not touch them again, and b) Changer was a damaged copy, because that was all she had left. (minor folds in the cover, etc). Now I can actually get a reprint of it, and allow people to read it, instead of pointing at it, and telling them ‘it’s awesome, I swear! You should read it! But not that one. It’s mine. Go away!’ 😛

    • janelindskold Says:

      Hi Jake,

      I remember meeting you! Wow… That was a long time ago. I haven’t had any copies of _Changer_ — damaged or not — for years.

      Hope all continues well for you.

  11. Jake King Says:

    Hooray! I’m remembered!! And yeah, You originally didn’t expect to have any copies of Changer in quite some time, and you somehow came across them.

    It was, like, 4 books ago. (6th Firekeeper book, and then all three of the Breaking the Wall series. Yes, I have all of them in first edition hardbacks, of course.)

    I’ve been meaning to head back out to the Tucson Area, since I still have friends out there, but time and money are always factors.

    Someday, I’l actually get all of my Firekeeper novels signed too. (I need to pick up the firs three as 1sts as well.)

    • janelindskold Says:

      Well, I’m still here in New Mexico. If you planned your trip for late August, you could drop by our local SF convention — Bubonicon — and probably get a whole lot of books signed.

      Oh… And I still have the first three Firekeeper novels for sale via my website. I’m beginning to run low on _Wolf’s Head, Wolf’s Heart_, because I bought fewer copies. I never liked that cover as much as I did the one on the paperback!

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