Artemis Awakened

I have some great news!

Artemis Awakened

I’ve sold a new series to Tor Books.  The series title is – as you may have guessed – “Artemis Awakened.”  The working title for the first book is Huntress.

Here’s a bit from the proposal I wrote:

A world forgotten, a world rediscovered, a world awakening – with consequences that will embrace the entire Universe.

“When Adara the Huntress and her puma demiurge, Sand Shadow, rescue off-planet archeologist Griffin Dane from his wrecked space shuttle, Adara knows she’s getting into trouble – she just has no idea how much or how far reaching that trouble will be, nor that it will involve the awakening of forces thought forever dormant.

“The residents of the planet Artemis have not forgotten their long-ago heritage as a pleasure planet, nor the violent assault that ended with the slaughter of the elite ‘seegnur’ and the ‘death’ of any machinery more sophisticated than a simple grist mill.

“Seeking the means to get Griffin in contact with his orbiting ship, a small group sets off to Spirit Lake where the enigmatic Old One Who Is Young resides in what is one of the few technological facilities that was not bombed to rubble.  Is the Old One the friend that Adara and her mentor, Bruin, believe him to be?  What is behind his obsessive interest in the things of the past?

“Complicating matters is the growing romantic tension between Adara, Griffin, and the third member of their company – Terrell the Factotum.  Terrell feels he owes the debt of his life to Griffin, while at the same time he deeply resents the other man as competition for Adara’s affections.

“For her part, Adara is uncertain about her feelings for either man.  Can these mismatched associates conquer the obstacles that lie between them and the stars?”

As with most proposals, this barely scratches the surface, but I hope it gives you some feeling for the project.  In response to a couple of separate requests (thank you, Dominique; thank you, Jim) I’m going to break my usual reticence about a work in progress and read from the first couple of chapters this Friday at Bubonicon (5:00 pm, Acoma room).  I know it’s early in the convention, but maybe some of you will be able to be there.

The novel is about half-written and I plan to get back to it as soon as I finish the sequel to Fire Season – hopefully in just a few days.  I’m eager to be back on Artemis…  I hope some of you will join me there.


22 Responses to “Artemis Awakened”

  1. paulgenesse Says:

    Dear Jane,

    That proposal is awesome and the book sounds so fantastic! Congrats on the sale and thanks for sharing the news!

  2. Heteromeles Says:

    Congratulations! I’m looking forward to reading it.

  3. Dominique Says:

    I am soooooooo excited about this! Words cannot express!

  4. Rowan Says:

    I am so jazzed about this.

  5. Peter Says:

    Want. That is all.

  6. Nicholas Wells Says:

    *Sigh* Sadly, I’m too far away. But I’m looking forward to your next work. Sounds a like a sci-fi this time. I’ll admit, I’m highly interesting to see your sci-fi style again.

  7. Heteromeles Says:

    Jane, would you consider this work in or near the genre of “sword and planet?”

  8. David Weber Says:

    Alllllllllllllllllllllll RIGHT! Happy Dance!

  9. Sue Says:

    Yay! I had already figured out that “55 minutes with Jane” was going to be one of my few Bubonicon moments in a very busy weekend schedule. I’m so happy I’ll get to hear about your new series! 🙂

  10. Other Jane Says:

    YES!!! That’s great to hear. I’m looking forward to it already.

  11. Alan Robson Says:

    Wot they said…

    I’m really looking forward to this one.


  12. Barbara Joan Says:

    Really looking forward to the new series and meeting the new heroine.

  13. CBI Says:

    Well done, Jane. With my work schedule, I probably average perhaps a SF book a or so month. In the past few years I’ve managed read most (not all) of your corpus. Based upon that history, and the proposal, I am quite looking forward to this next one.

    I hope that Bubonicon 2012 goes well for you.

  14. janelindskold Says:

    Thanks, everyone, for your enthusiasm. I’m still not used to talking about works before they’re done… You make it a bit easier for me.

  15. moonkistdesigns Says:

    This sounds like an exciting start to a wonderful new tale by one of my favorite authors! How intriguing…sorry I can’t be there for the reading!

  16. mythusmage Says:

    One of these days I’d like to see the story of some shlub of a peasant girl as she wonders her medieval world accompanied by a very out of place tasmanian devil. And the tassie acts like a tasmanian devil, which is to say, a goof.

    • janelindskold Says:

      I shall keep this in mind!

      It does have potential. Why is a peasant free to wander? (In a traditional medieval world she would be tied down by various obligations).

      How did she get the tasmanian devil?

      Do they communicate or does it just follow her around?

      Maybe that’s why she got kicked out of her town…

  17. janelindskold Says:


    Sounds like fun.

    What are you paying?

  18. CJ Krythos Says:

    Wow, the more I read of your work, the more I want to read more, and then the more I want to meet you in person. Your stories have become a steady favorite of mine since I started reading regularly in High School about ten years back. so I have to ask, will there ever be any conventions in the East coast you are thinking of being at? would love to get a few of my hardbounds autographed.

    • janelindskold Says:

      I don’t have any immediate plans to attend an East Coast convention. However, I’m certainly not adverse to coming East! You can keep an eye on my website. As soon as I know for certain I’ll be attending some event, I make sure it’s posted there.

      Thanks for your enthusiasm!

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