Chatting with Emily at the Black Gate

Back in late July, I did an interview for Black Gate magazine.  The interviewer was Emily Mah, a former local NM writer, currently living in England.

“Where Do You Get Your Ideas?”

Emily is a very efficient person, so I was not at all surprised when she asked if she could record the interview.  Although I always feel a bit shy talking in front of a recording device, I agreed.  It only takes being the subject of one or two interview to realize that very few people are good at taking accurate notes.  In fact, the times I’ve been the interviewer, I’ve asked to record the exhange for this very reason.

What did surprise me was when Emily asked if I’d be willing to have parts of the interview produced as a podcast.   I decided “Why not?”  I didn’t figure a snippet or so of my voice could do any harm

So we settled down at my kitchen table and chatted for a bit, catching up on things that had nothing to do with the interview.  Then Emily set up her equipment and launched into her first question.  She’s a good interviewer.  I tried to give her complete answers to her questions.

We talked for a bit over forty minutes before calling it quits.  Emily packed up her gear, then called the friend who had kindly minded her two toddlers while we chatted.  Since we had a few minutes, we went outside so Emily could see the garden and visit with the guinea pigs.  (The cats had been amazingly well-behaved while we talked, lurking around the edges but pretty much leaving us be.)

Now, as I said, I’d figured the podcast would only feature fragments of the interview.  Imagine my astonishment when Emily e-mailed to tell me that Black Gate wanted to use all of it.

My first reaction was a hot flush of shyness…  Had I talked too much?  Did I sound really dumb?  As someone for whom the editing stage of any writing project is as or more important than the actual drafting, the idea of my unedited words going out there made me shudder.

Then I shrugged.  To borrow from Ecclesiastes (or the Byrds), there is a time and a place for every purpose under heaven.  A time to control, a time to let go.  A time to script and to not.  A time for gathering up thoughts.  A time for rambling all over the place…

So want to hear me ramble?   Want to hear what my voice sounds like?  I shall supply a rare link:

You might want to start with Emily’s introduction to the occasion.  Here’s another link:

Have fun!  I hope you’ll enjoy.  If you come up with any questions, let me know!


12 Responses to “Chatting with Emily at the Black Gate”

  1. Ann M Nalley Says:

    Wow! I can’t wait to listen to this! I will comment again once I’ve heard it, but I have no doubt it will be fascinating! I never get to come to conferences where you are speaking, so thank you for allowing Black Gate to produce this podcast!

  2. Alan Robson Says:

    What a wonderful interview — much more like a conversation than a formal interview, which is all to the good of course. And the clock chiming in the background makes it all seem so cosy. The interview itself is full of very interesting information and insights. I have it saved permanently on my computer so that I can listen to it again.


  3. Ann M Nalley Says:

    Alan, any hints for how to save it “permanently?” Not very computer savvy here… I have listened to about half, and am very much enjoying it. I think Emily Mah’s style is very personable, and she is a good listener, too! Jane’s responses are very revealing and informative. Jane is a excellent oral story teller as well as an excellent writer!

    • Alan Robson Says:

      Right click on the link. You’ll get a menu of choices one of which will say something like “Save link as” (the exact text varies from system to system, but it should be pretty clear which one to choose). Click on that menu choice and then choose a folder on your computer to save the file into. Then watch it download (it might take several minutes, depending on the speed of your connection).

      And there you are. All done.

      Good luck.


  4. Emily Mah Says:

    Jane, you’re being modest. What the Black Gate said when I told them I had 40+ minutes of an audio interview with Jane Lindskold was an immediate yes, they wanted the whole thing on the site, and they’re in the process of getting set up for podcasting given I could get interviews with big names such as yourself. So it’s thanks to you and your name recognition (and all around awesomeness) that Black Gate is going in this direction!

  5. Nicholas Wells Says:

    Sounded like a great interview to me. I may have to go chase down book one so I can read book two. 🙂

  6. Paul Says:

    It was a fine interview, both by the questioner and the subject. It’s really hard to believe it’s a first for both parties.

  7. heteromeles Says:

    Nice interview. Thanks for “babbling” (not!) at length, Jane, and thanks for doing such a clean recording, Emily.

  8. janelindskold Says:

    Thanks, everyone… Especially for taking so much time to listen!

    Emily did a really great job of staying interested in what I was saying, encouraging with her non-verbal as well as verbal responses. That’s something that doesn’t show on a audio recording.

    Oh… And several people in addition to Alan have commented on the grandfather clock. Originally, it was Roger’s . He always told me that (when we still lived apart) the chimes reminded him of me. Now it does the same in reverse.

  9. Dominique Says:

    Oh WOW! This is so cool! I’m so glad you did this! Yayyy!

  10. Other Jane Says:

    Great interview…and we heard no rambling at all. Emily did a wonderful job too.

    It must be a wonderful experience to play with your gaming group. A number of talented story tellers creating characters and an interactive story!

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