Just Over Three Years!

It seems incredible to me, but the Wednesday Wanderings are three years old!

Artemis Awakening and Fire Season

Artemis Awakening and Fire Season

I started on January 20th, 2010, with a piece about going to see a local production of Twelfth Night.   In the three years that have passed, I haven’t missed a single week.  I’ve talked a lot about writing, but also about things that interest me – from gardening, to anime and manga, to various trips and events, and, of course, about books I’ve read.

One of  the big news stories – since this is a professional writer’s blog (I hate that word!) after all – was my selling a new series to Tor.   The new series is called “Artemis Awakening.” Originally, the first book was going to be called Huntress.  However, as I wrote, I discovered I kept referring to it as Artemis Awakening.  I consulted with my editor and she was okay with me changing the title.

You can read a bit from the proposal by going to the Wednesday Wandering for 8-22-12.   I’ve now finished the manuscript and given it a first read-through.  I’m now in the midst of  the second one.  Then Jim gets to read it…  I’m pretty serious about polishing my efforts before my editor even sees the book.

The other big piece of news was the release of Fire Season, the first of my Stephanie Harrington “Star Kingdom” collaborations with David Weber.  To our mutual delight, it hit the New York Times bestseller list.  I talked a bit about the series on the Wandering for 10-03-13.  Since then, I’ve finished Treecat Wars, the second novel in the series.  Now, it’s over with Weber for him to give it the final Honorversing.

I also announced that I was continuing my venture into both  e-books and print-on-demand by reissuing  Legends Walking (the sequel to Changer) under my preferred title, Changer’s Daughter.  You can go to the Wandering for 3-14-12 if you’d like the tale behind the tale.

For those of you who are new to the Wednesday Wanderings, let me say a few words about  my goals.  In addition to keeping readers posted about new events, I try to give a window into one writer’s views about what’s important in the art and craft.

However, these are titled “wanderings” because I want the freedom to talk about whatever is on my mind.  I also welcome both comments on specific pieces and suggestions for topics folks might want to hear about in the future.  If you’re too shy to post, you can also e-mail me at jane2@janelindskold.com.  I don’t promise to answer immediately – I usually reserve weekends and evenings for my home life – but I will get back to you.

Now onward…  I hope you’ve had fun with these.  I certainly have.  You might also enjoy tuning in for the Thursday Tangents, which I write with my friend Alan Robson, a New Zealand reviewer and just plain interesting person.  They appear on this same site on…  Yep.  Thursdays!

Catch you next week…

5 Responses to “Just Over Three Years!”

  1. Heteromeles Says:

    Congratulations, Jane! Great accomplishment!

  2. Ann M Nalley Says:

    What a fun Blog to read. I have enjoyed getting to know, in the “cyber” sense, some of the others who post. I have learned a great deal from you, Jane, as well as from them. Thank you, and congratulations!

  3. janelindskold Says:

    Thank you… Here are your party hats and confetti…

  4. Paul Says:

    Someday you will have to collect the bits and pieces pertaining to writing and give us one of those how-to books like Writer’s Digest sells. Lots of good stuff here for writers, but it would be fun to have it in one place (on paper).

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