Artemis Invaded Cover Art and More!

News Flash: Darynda Jones, who I interviewed a couple Wanderings ago, will be the guest speaker at this week’s meeting of the Albuquerque SF Society.  She’s speaking about “Story Beginnings – Getting the Hook into Readers.”  For more details, click here.

News Flash: Just this week, I added a new page to my website.  “The Universe of Artemis Awakening” contains a lot more than the list of titles featured on most such pages.  Regular readers of the Wednesday Wanderings will find previously scattered information grouped in one place.   There is information about the audiobook, a link to the popular “What would your Profession Be?” quiz, and a host of reviews.  There’s the beginning of a fan art gallery (and not all art is visual), which I hope to expand in the months to come.

Contests – several of which are planned in anticipation of the release of Artemis Invaded at the end of June – will also be listed here.

Interested in turning a friend on to the series?  Here’s a place to start.  Take a look at the Universe of Artemis Awakening here or by going to the Novels page on my website.

Artemis Invaded Cover Art

Artemis Invaded Cover Art

And now for our featured presentation: The Cover Art for Artemis Invaded!

As with Artemis Awakening, the cover art is by Cliff Nielsen. It carries on the motif from the previous book, but with some interesting twists.  The half-face is positioned to the right, rather than the left, so I don’t think this one will be a wrap-around. (I don’t know for sure, since I have only seen a digital image.)

For Artemis Invaded, instead of a stylized puma’s face, we have that of a young woman, her hair and part of her features melding with the star field.

In many reviews, the cover art for Artemis Awakening attracted a lot of attention.  What do you think about this one?  Will it stand out when shelved with other offerings or blend in?

I’m too close to the book to be able to make a fair call.  I’d love to hear what you think.

People have been asking me to drop a hint or two as to what Artemis Invaded is about.  Since the Advanced Review copies (ARCs) are now out and the book is available for pre-order, let’s see what I can add…

SPOILER WARNING for Artemis Awakening.  (I’ll try to be coy, but if there’s a way to talk about the second book in a series without giving something away about the first, I haven’t figured it out!)

At the beginning of Artemis Invaded, Griffin must accept that the Sanctum in Spirit Bay is not going to be able to offer him the means to contact his orbiting ship.  (It’s called the Howard Carter, by the by…)

Terrell and Adara aren’t about to abandon him, though.  Terrell suggests they try a remote mountain fastness called Maiden’s Tear.  As Terrell says in the second paragraph:

“…Maiden’s Tear has been a forbidden area since before the slaughter of the seegnur and death of machines.  There were other such prohibited zones, but they were not as absolutely off-limits as Maiden’s Tear seems to have been.”

Since forbidden areas were often off-limits because they held concealed technological bases, Maiden’s Tear seems like a promising destination.   However, will they ever get there?  Before the trio can even lay the groundwork for their departure – Griffin is attacked.

Hmm…  Maybe I’d better stop there.  I could get seriously carried away.  Instead, let me say a little bit about why I’m excited about Artemis Invaded.

The first book in the series, Artemis Awakening, was a lot of fun to write, but there’s a lot of set-up involved in writing a book with a complex new setting and history – especially if the book is fairly short.  Short?  Let me show you some figures.  In hardcover, Artemis Awakening was 304 pages.  Through Wolf’s Eyes, the first of the Firekeeper Saga, was, by contrast, 590 pages – and printed in a slightly smaller font.

So, with Artemis Awakening a greater percentage of the book had to be devoted to basics of who is who and how the society is set up.  I enjoy this sort of thing but, with that done, in Artemis Invaded, I could focus more on plot and characters.

I also got to move more deeply into the complexities underlying the planet Artemis.  My main characters don’t stay static, either.  By the end of Artemis Awakening, both Terrell and Adara have learned some very disturbing things about themselves.  In Artemis Invaded, I get to deal with these.

Oh, yeah, and then there’s the “invaded” part…  Artemis Invaded isn’t a switchover to military SF, but invasions can take many forms and this one holds some real shocks for all sides.

I’m really excited about Artemis Invaded.  I hope you’re getting excited, too!  Over the next few weeks, we’re running a couple of contests where you can win an ARC and be among the few to read the book before its release.  The contests will be announced in the Wednesday Wanderings but, if you’re afraid you’ll miss one, you can sign up for my new mailing list.

Oh!  Maybe I should tell you.  The first ARC contest will begin tomorrow.  Go over to the Jane Lindskold Facebook page for details!


7 Responses to “Artemis Invaded Cover Art and More!”

  1. Louis Robinson Says:

    I rather like what we can see of the cover. It clearly matches AA, which is a good thing – people will pick up on the relation even before parsing the title [which they may not actually read until they pick up the book].

    However, it may, in fact, have committed the cardinal sin of cover art: misleading the casual browser. Layout and style remind me strongly of the standard contemporary fantasy full of sparkly witches and warm fuzzy demons. Not what the book is, at all, at all.

    • Jane Lindskold Says:

      Hopefully the casual browser will read the jacket copy, which is actually quite good as far as both accuracy and lack of spoilers go.

      • Louis Robinson Says:

        One would like to think so. Given some of the comments I’ve seen over the years by people saying they were disappointed in or mislead about books, I have to wonder.

        What I was really thinking of, though, was the person who picks it up, goes ‘this isn’t what I thought it was’ and doesn’t stop to wonder if he might not like it anyway. Are they not only going to continue to dismiss the book, but direct others away from it if they think they were ‘stung’? I’ve seen that sort of thing happen. Mind you, it’s not as bad as having half the bookstore staff snickering over your ‘tacky’ covers, which I’ve also seen.

  2. Chad Merkley Says:

    Looks like a cool cover. How many books do you envision in this series, Jane?

    • Jane Lindskold Says:

      I envision it as an open-ended series, although with story arcs. Griffin will not be forever searching for a way off planet.

  3. Paul Genesse Says:

    Jane, The cover art is AWESOME! Great teaser on book 2! Congrats!

  4. Artemis Invaded Cover Art and More! | Jane Lindskold's Official Website Says:

    […] Contests – several of which are planned in anticipation of the release of Artemis Invaded at the end of June – will also be listed here. Read the full post at Wednesday Wanderings. […]

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