FF: Inverted Formats

Stories with pictures (graphic novels) and stories without print (audiobooks).   I watch T.V. and read print, because I prefer my anime subtitled.  I’ve definitely juggled the formats in which I get my story fix.

Persephone Purruses

Persephone Purruses

For those of you who are new to this feature, the FF feature lists of what I’ve read over the past week.  They are not meant to be a recommendation list.  If you’re interested in a not-at-all-inclusive list, you can look on my website.

Really, this is not a book review column.  It’s just a list with, maybe, a few opinions tossed in.

Recently Completed:

Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples.  Graphic novel.  Volumes 1-4.  Excellent pairing of art and text.  The story is gripping.  Sex is a big component, but so is parenthood.  Some of the character designs must be taken as metaphor…  But that works.

In Progress:

Komarr by Lois McMaster Bujold.  Audiobook.  Didn’t have as much time to listen this week, but am enjoying so far.

Unexpected Magic: Collected Stories by Diana Wynne Jones.  I happened across this volume before the holidays, then set it by for the right time.  Just starting on “The Girl Jones.”


I’ve finished assembling the short stories, I think.  I’ve chosen nineteen from my nearly seventy published.  I’m trying to decide whether to go for a round twenty or stay with nineteen.  I like odd numbers, especially prime numbers…  Hmm…


5 Responses to “FF: Inverted Formats”

  1. Paul Dellinger Says:

    Just finished Elmore Leonard’s “Alive!”, about a bunch of Hollywood archivists and gangsters trying to track down a stolen short film of Bela Lugosi testing for the role of Frankenstein (which went to Boris Karloff when Lugosi turned it down because it had no speaking lines). Don’t think such a film ever existed but the rest of the story is correct, and Elmore’s Hollywood history involving Lugosi is right on. He gets around what Lugosi and Karloff may have done or said in certain situations by having his protagonist imagine how they might have gone, rather than presenting them as fact (which he couldn’t know, of course). I liked this much better than the docu-drama approach that presents falsities as fact.

    • Jane Lindskold Says:

      I agree with you about the docu-drama or fictional biography style. Makes me uneasy, especially when it goes to the point of putting thoughts in people’s heads that they did not otherwise express.

  2. Tori Says:

    That’s fantastic that the short stories collection is coming along! I will be pleased to have them all in one convenient tome! Can an eBook be a tome? An eTome? And what word density makes a book a tome to begin with?

    I’m also excited that you finished Saga (or what there is so far)! It’s arguably one of the best comics by North American authors/illustrators. There’s only one additional issue out right now, and at this point I can no longer wait around for the trade paperback volumes so apparently I’m cultivating a comic collection…

    I just started Brain K. Vaughan’s Y: The Last Man which isn’t as much my style as Saga, but I’m interested enough to keep reading.
    I’m also reading Brent Weeks’s The Broken Eye which is keeping up the momentum of The Blinding Knife so far.

    • Jane Lindskold Says:

      Oh… This won’t be all of them! I’ve published nearly 70 short stories. That would indeed be a “tome.” (I think a tome is anything over three pounds printed on reasonable weight paper and in a respectable font. )

      SAGA is impressive. I hear good things about something called THE SCULPTOR. (I think that’s the title…)


    Interesting.  I am always interested in what others are reading.

    Do you remember my talking about the woman who wrote mysteries based on her cookie shop?  Just found out she also has written some other mysteries, without recipes.  Also found out that when she went to college she majored in psychology but was a little intimidated about practicing because she felt it could present problems based on her personality type.  Will let you know what I think of her writing in a straighter mystery format.

    I know there is something else I was going to mention but can’t remember.  Love, Mom

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