Firekeeper and Mowgli Crossover Announced!

News Flash: Tonight, at 6:45 p.m. I’m keynote speaker for UNM’s “Intellectual Hooliganism” colloquium.  My talk’s title is “Inverting the Rules or Why We Love Fools.”  It’s free and open to the public.  For more information, contact UNM Hobbit Society at, call Dr. Leslie Donovan at (505) 277-4313 or visit the UNM Hobbit Society website at

And now for some breaking news…  Negotiations have been concluded between the estate of Rudyard Kipling and Obsidian Tiger Inc. for a crossover series featuring my own Firekeeper and Kipling’s archetypal feral boy, Mowgli.

Meeting of Feral Minds!

Meeting of Feral Minds!

Mowgli, as many of you know, is the central character in Kipling’s seminal works, The Jungle Books, which feature such stories as “Mowgli’s Brothers,” “Kaa’s Hunting,” “Letting in the Jungle,” and “The Spring Running.”

Firekeeper is introduced in Through Wolf’s Eyes.  Her adventures continue through six volumes, concluding (at least at this point in time) with Wolf’s Blood.

The Kipling estate has long been seeking someone to expand upon Mowgli’s adventures, especially someone who “has actually read the books, rather than only seen the movies.”  Additionally, they wanted someone who understood at a gut level Mowgli’s essentially mythic nature.  In a recent press release, the estate says:

“In Jane Lindskold, we have found the writer we feel Rudyard Kipling would have chosen himself to introduce Mowgli to the twenty-first century.  As works like Changer and Legends Walking (aka Changer’s Daughter) demonstrate, Lindskold is completely comfortable writing about larger-than-life mythic characters.  Her collaborations with Roger Zelazny and David Weber show a singular talent for working with another author, blending voices, and yet bringing her own distinctive contributions to the work.”

Why do these stories as a crossover with the Firekeeper novels, rather than simply continuing Mowgli’s own story?  Again, we turn to the press release:

“We felt that keeping Mowgli locked in a historical context, one that could not help but eventually cross with some uncomfortable political realities, as Mowgli leaves the Jungle, would become stultifying.  Yet, if we kept Mowgli locked in the Jungle, we would violate Kipling’s own sense that, eventually, Mowgli needs to expand, to, in fact, grow-up.”

Will the stories take place in Firekeeper’s own universe then?  Well, yes and no. Again, we turn to the press release:

“In the first novel, Firekeeper and Blind Seer will venture into the Old Country.  There they will find a gate that opens – not to another part of their own world – but to Mowgli’s Jungle.  Some years will have passed since the events Kipling recorded in “The Spring Running” and Mowgli will be feeling restricted by village life.  When he hears the wolves of the Seeonee Pack howling about the arrival of a “stranger, strange,” (this last a deliberate evocation of the opening of Through Wolf’s Eyes), he will be drawn to investigate and will meet this strange pair, and investigate the causes of this trans-dimensional gate.

“Eventually, Mowgli will, with Gray Brother, join Firekeeper and Blind Seer in their explorations of the Old World.

“We don’t see any shortage of stories.  However, we’ve been approached by Hayao Miyazaki, who is interested in seeing his Princess Mononoke and her giant wolves included in this fascinating human/wolf pack.”

Ahem…  April Fool!  Not the part about the talk, but the part about Firekeeper and Mowgli…

Hope to see some of you tonight!  No fooling!

8 Responses to “Firekeeper and Mowgli Crossover Announced!”

  1. Alan Robson Says:

    Nice one, Jane. You had me going for a minute…

    But wouldn’t it be wonderful?


  2. theotherjmoore Says:

    Awwww…. I was hoping it was true!

  3. Heteromeles Says:

    Great idea! I’m sure the Kipling estate would go for it.


    You got me.  Which only goes to show what a great idea, the new series would be.  Good luck again, Mom

  5. Chad Merkley Says:

    Ouch. Being on the internet today is somewhat painful. I just came from a discussion on how shamrock extract benefits the parts of the brain involved in playing music.

    Besides, I’m pretty sure that the Jungle Books are in the public domain, now.

  6. Julie Hagan Bloch Says:

    I first read the date and thought, “uh-oh…”, but then kept reading and got suckered in. I fell for it even though I *knew* better! That’s just how good your writing is, Jane!
    So… *are* you going to write a Firekeeper/Mowgli crossover? I’d read it!

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