Help Make Artemis This Summer’s Hot Destination

Three topics this week: a signing, a contest, and the curious behavior of the toad in the nighttime…

Here we go!

Summer on Artemis...  Ah...

Summer on Artemis… Ah…

This Saturday, July 11th, at 4:00 p.m., I’ll be at Page One Books in Albuquerque, taking part in a special event for Artemis Invaded.  Other of my books will be available as well.  I’ll give a reading and take questions – not only about the “Artemis Awakening” series!  Bring any questions at all.  If I don’t know the answer, I’ll guess!  I’m also making something sweet…  Haven’t decided what, though…

That’s the signing…  Here’s the contest!

Want to be part of making the planet Artemis this summer’s hot destination?  Here’s how you can do it!

Post a review of Artemis Invaded or Artemis Awakening to, Goodreads, Barnes and, your blog or Facebook page.  Then submit the URL at the link below to be entered to win your choice of a signed, personalized, first edition, hard cover of either Artemis Awakening or Artemis Invaded.

Wait!  There’s more!

Already have both of these books?  Other prize options are available, up to and including: audiobook downloads, ARCS, copies of other of Jane Lindskold’s novels, or even something weird, wild, and wonderful. (The choice of this last is up to me.)

Multiple entries will be accepted but, to avoid confusion, a separate URL must be provided for each entry.  Open only to U.S. residents, unless the entrant agrees to accept an audiobook download as a prize.

You may enter by posting the same review to different sites.  However, you must submit separate URLs for each entry to qualify.

The initial period to enter will be from July 8 to July 21th.  However, entries will continue to be accepted through midnight Mountain Standard Time on August 10th.  Beginning on July 22nd, one winner a week will be announced on July 22th, July 29, August 5, and August 12.

If response is overwhelming, a special Final Week extra drawing may be included for those who posted two or more reviews.

Help make Artemis everyone’s “go-to” summer destination!  Words have power!  Use them!  Ready to get started?  This link will take you to the contest: a Rafflecopter giveaway

And now…   The Curious Behavior of the Toad in the Nighttime.

On Fourth of July, Jim and I heard fireworks going off, coming from the direction of our neighbor Therese’s house.  We wandered outside to find out what was up and discovered that Therese and Roberta (who lives across from Therese) were setting off fireworks.

They made us welcome with the gift of a very large sparkler apiece and a selection from a bowl of chocolates.  Then we sat down on Therese’s driveway to review Roberta’s selection.

Although she had a small selection compared to some of the extravagant displays we could see going off around us – one advantage of living in a place without many tall trees is that one can clearly see fireworks that are being shot off miles and miles away – Roberta’s display was quite elegant.

We were about half-way through, laughing about how a firework named “The Weasel” had, in fact, “weaseled” by refusing to go off, when we realized that our party of four had acquired a fifth member.

A medium-sized spadefoot toad had hopped out onto the driveway and settled down about two feet away from Jim.  It did not appear frightened or dazed.  Nor was there any water or insects to attract it.  By all apparent evidence, it simply wanted to watch the fireworks.

The toad stayed with us through the second half of Roberta’s show.  Then, after the grand finale, it slowly hopped out into the street, paused to inspect the spent fireworks, and then continued on its way, eventually vanishing into the shadows.

Jim and I have always felt fortunate in our neighbors and have often spent Fourth of July in similar informal entertainments.  However, this was the first time a member of the local wildlife community joined us.  As spectacular as the fireworks were, that was a special summer event indeed!

Hope your summer is special, too!  Join me at Page One or on Artemis!  I’ll be looking for you!

5 Responses to “Help Make Artemis This Summer’s Hot Destination”

  1. Heteromeles Says:

    Cute! We get our spadefoots in the winter. I didn’t see any adult spadefoots this year, only the tadpoles in the pools. We have to be so civilized here in wildfire country that all the fireworks are in shows. It sounds like fun to light a few of your own.

  2. Paul Says:

    The year of Artemis… Yes!!!

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