Wandering Down a Wide Variety of Roads

After two weeks of focusing hard on a single topic (the complexities involved in writing realistic female characters), this week I’m going to Wander to my heart’s content.

Terrell in Color

Terrell by Cale Mims

Once again, I’ve taken up the challenge and answered several questions for Marshal Zeringue’s  Campaign for the American Reader blog network.  He did a lovely job of chasing down illustrations for Writers Read: Jane Lindskold.  Next, I took on the challenge offered by the The Page 69 Test: Artemis Invaded.

Finally, for the first time ever, I answered the question “My Book, The Movie.”  I think you’ll find the answer interesting – if not, at least for those of you who have been wandering along with me for a while, completely surprising.

Winding down the lane toward a not completely unrelated topic…  I’ve been asking to see fan art related to the “Artemis Awakening” series.  Just the other day, Cale Mims sent a dramatic picture of Terrell leaning on his lance, contemplating spiders to slay.  Last week, Tori Hansen contributed a wonderfully whimsical portrait of Sand Shadow during some downtime on the shores of Spirit Bay.

Sand Shadow by Tori Hansen

Sand Shadow by Tori Hansen

Artistically inclined?  Know someone who is?  Since I can’t draw anything more complicated than petroglyphs, I’m always eager to see how artists might depict my characters or scenes from my books.  If you’re on Facebook, we’re going to have a gallery there.  Even if you’re not, you can send me files.   You’ll retain all rights.  I’ll just delight in helping you show off your work.

Please include your name (or artist pen name), title of the piece, permission for me to post it to Facebook, blogs, website, and Twitter.  Short anecdotes as to what inspired your piece are very welcome, too.  Jpeg files are most convenient for my Facebook person.

Turning down another side road…   Last week, we finalized my late summer touring plans.  The first event is Bubonicon, right here in Albuquerque, August 28-30.  The following weekend, I’m off to Washington D.C. for the National Book Festival on September 5, hosted by the Library of Congress.

The weekend after that, I’m off to Las Cruces, New Mexico, for a September 12th signing at Barnes and Noble along with Victor Milan (Dinosaur Lords) and Melinda Snodgrass (The Edge of Dawn).  Then, on Tuesday, September 22nd, the three of us will be in Scottsdale, Arizona, at SIP Coffee and Beer House for a book chat and signing.

After that, I think I’m going to come home and crawl under my tomato plants and sleep…  For further details of any or all of these events, check the Appearances page of my website.

Speaking of tomato plants…  Some of you may recall how back in April (WW 4-15-15) I told you how Jim and I had decided to start our tomato plants from seed this year.  We planted twenty-one seeds, with the goal of having twelve plants bearing by the end of summer.  I told you I’d be happy if we ended up with six plants.

Well, the first surprise was that all twenty-one seeds germinated.  Not only that, all twenty-one survived transplants.  We put fifteen into the ground, the remainder into larger containers.

We lost one tomato plant either to wind or cutworm grub.  Given the nature of the injury, it was hard to tell which.  We lost a second plant to a wind-broken stem.  We lost a third to a virus called “curly top” that’s common in our area, although not so much east of the Mississippi.  In each case, we replaced with a seedling from one of the containers.

About a month ago, we realized the seedlings in the containers were beginning to struggle.  Yes, yes, I know.  Many people grow tomato plants in containers.  However, when the temperature reaches 110 in the shade, as we were back in June, the soil gets too hot and roots start cooking.  We scrabbled around for room in our already full garden beds and finally decided to plant them behind some very tall (as in 5’ high in some cases) Oriental lilies.  They are behind the others in growth, but are definitely shooting up.

So, as of this date, we have eighteen tomato plants, lots of green tomatoes, and expect to have ripe cherry tomatoes, possibly before this time next week.  We also have four varieties of summer squash, string beans (including liana beans), cucumbers, Swiss chard, peppers (ripening, not yet ripe, although we have thinned the bell peppers), radishes, ichiban eggplant, and a fair variety of herbs.

Dinner is now dictated by what the garden is producing the most of…

When I’m not messing with the garden, I’ve been reading the proofs for my forthcoming short story collection, Curiosities.  My hope is to have it ready in time for Bubonicon, at the end of August.  If I want to make that goal, I’d better transplant myself from in front of my computer and onto the sofa with red pens, coffee, and, doubtless, Kel the cat, who is my constant editorial assistant.

7 Responses to “Wandering Down a Wide Variety of Roads”

  1. Louis Robinson Says:

    That Sand Shadow drawing is brilliant!

  2. Heteromeles Says:

    I don’t know. Red pens, a couch, and a cat. Sounds like a mess waiting to happen. Hope the couch can be cleaned easily. Break a pen or something (but not over the couch!)

    • janelindskold Says:

      Kel is a very calm cat. As long as I reach over occasionally to rub her tummy, she’s a perfect editorial assistant.

      She’s on my desk “assisting” now, in fact.

  3. Paul Dellinger Says:

    Really like that depiction of Sand Shadow. Looking forward to more Artemis!

  4. Jason Says:

    Just finished Artemis Invaded, it is truly something special. I fear I need more of this series now… and Sand Shadow is my favorite cat.

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