Your Call, Folks

This coming week or so is pretty much the last relatively quiet stretch of time I have until the end of September.  The last weekend in August starts a really busy time for me.

Persephone Solicits Questions

Persephone Solicits Questions

First comes Bubonicon, (August 28-30).  Then, on September 4th, I leave for DC where I’m a guest at the National Book Festival (August 5).  I’m staying in the area a few days to catch up with family and friends.

Then back to New Mexico where, on September 12th, I’m doing a book signing with Vic Milan and Melinda Snodgrass at the Barnes and Noble on the campus of New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Then back home to Albuquerque, but off to Arizona to do a signing on September 22nd, again with Vic and Melinda.

If you’d like more details about any of these events, check Appearances on my website,

Somewhere in there, Jim and I hope to squeeze in at least one visit to the New Mexico State Fair.  And, just because there’s a lot of travel, this doesn’t mean the routine stuff goes away.

 As any of you who travel a lot know, the general rule of thumb is that more things will crop up while you’re gone than would have if you’d just quietly stayed at home.  In fact, “crop up” will literally be a part of the picture, since my tomato plants are now bearing like crazy and will demand attention whenever I’m actually in the same space as they are.

Although I’ll certainly report about these various trips, I’m actively soliciting questions or topics you’d enjoy having me wander on about…

Let me answer the most commonly asked one right now: “Are you going to write any more Firekeeper books?” (or “Breaking the Wall” or a sequel to fill in the title…)

The answer is: I’d actually enjoy doing so.  I’ve been away from Firekeeper long enough that I have some interesting thoughts.  I always wanted to do a fourth “Breaking the Wall” book.  However, unless I see publisher support, this isn’t likely to happen in the near future.

And publishers don’t buy books unless they think there is reader support…  So basically, the questions of sequels is out of my hands but, oddly, very much in yours!

Oh…  And a related question I’m frequently asked is why don’t I have audiobooks or movies done of my work?  I addressed this question in the WW 6-29-11, and the situation hasn’t substantially changed.

Okay…  So questions?  You can put them in the Comments here or, if you’re shy, feel free to e-mail me at

It’s always more fun for me to write about a topic when I know at least one person really wants to hear the answer.


9 Responses to “Your Call, Folks”

  1. James M. Says:

    With all of that traveling, are you doing any sight-seeing? Or is it a case of “just there for business,no time to see anything” on the one hand and “the family and friends don’t want to go sight-seeing” on the other? (I’ve done both in my time.)

    • Jane Lindskold Says:

      Sight-seeing and family aren’t mutually exclusive with my family, thank heavens. Growing up in D.C., we always took advantage of having some great “sites” right there. I was blessed with parents who didn’t say “Oh, we could do that any old time.” They always had a sense of excitement about potential cool things.

      And with kids involved, going somewhere is often a great way to bridge the gap. So it’s quite possible we’ll have a combination.

  2. Heteromeles Says:

    Happy Trails! I hope your neighbors or friends are all primed to come over the wall, pick all your tomatoes, and can or dry them for you. For a commission in tomatoes, of course.

    As for what I’d want to see? Well, I always wondered how that incipient conflict between the humans and the wise animals in Firekeeper was going to play out (and what role the Dragon of Despair might play in it), and I was disappointed that the series veered away from that.

    It might even be fun to revisit the Changer, hear his views on social media and climate change. He’s been through the latter, after all.

  3. Louis Robinson Says:

    Well, my immediate reaction was to wonder how much we’d have to raise on Kickstarter to _pay_ you to write the 4th Breaking the Wall [hmmm… should I maybe be taking that series title literally, or at least more so than I have so far?] book. And no, you don’t need to answer that, or even think about the answer. But it did lead me to something that might be answerable: what _does_ it cost you to produce a new book – in terms of time, of resources, of blood, sweat, toil and tears? And how _do_ you judge that you’ve been fairly recompensed for your labour?

    Probably not the same answers every time, of course.

  4. Paul Dellinger Says:

    Is there a way we can tell the publishers that we want more from you?

    • Peter Says:

      (In theory, at least) by buying – especially pre-ordering and day one purchasing – new books. One of the issues with the current (big house) publishing model is the near-complete disconnect between the publishers and those of us who actually buy books, however.

  5. Jane Lindskold Says:

    Thanks for the suggestions… I’ll definitely see what I can do with them and I seriously invite other suggestions!

  6. Jane Lindskold Says:

    Too true, Peter. Worse, those early numbers have come to mean stupidly much.

    I just “watched” a popular author anguish on Twitter as to what would be the best way to make people aware of her novel before it came out. Clearly, she felt that actually waiting for it to be released and for people too read it would be too little, too late.

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