TT: From the Coal Face » Coal

Jet Mountain Lion, Coal Wolf

One Response to “Coal”

  1. henrietta abeyta Says:

    Interesting Jane, I Jasmine am painting a ceramic wolf in a very colorful way I first looked at some photos of the real wolves. I can hear an animal’s voice even if I only visualized it. My ceramic wolf is one of the calm sitting ones, it’s in a position that makes me think of when they’re sitting by the trees or on a rock. I’ve even taken a few pictures with the Alaskan malamutes at parties and camp grounds Jane. I’ll have 8 or more wolf items when I finish buying my own wolf merchandise Jane. I think part of why I Jasmine Olson like dogs and wolves so much is because they’re entertaining, they’re not picky about what kind of adventure to go on, they’re loyal and protective, and they’re pretty thoughtful they’ve helped us in so many ways. I’m a young disabled woman who finds dogs totally fun to spend time with especially herding dogs and sled dogs. Herding dogs and sled dogs are the two I Jasmine Olson would say are deep in my heart.

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