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A Time and a Place

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  1. henrietta abeyta Says:

    mountains, canyons, oceans lakes and rivers, first sea animals back when Earth was new who were the dolphin’s cousin, wolves of the first ice age, wolf princess, wolf’s princess, princess of wolves, nature lover, farmer, cowgirl, wolf girl, music lover, fantasy reader, angel, or even in the pack Jane most wolf quizzes related to personality say I’d be a strong watchful protective alpha, this is JASMINE OLSON saying what times and places she thinks of the most . I even love the wolves enough to imagine having art work of them in a secret castle, my sincere admiration with wolves makes it hard for me to quit staring or peeking at their merchandise, I their friend JASMINE OLSON can be extremely dreamy/ imaginative when it comes to wolves. I’ll tell you I find FIREKEEPER fun and heroic Jane. I’m 25 years and 9 months old. Like the author the ERAGON series or the POLAR EXPRESS with characters of Tom Hanks I wouldn’t care if I was a few of the characters in a single long story. A firm fantasy fan and one who enjoys looking at the totem descriptions on internet sites, I JASMINE OLSON even have night dreams wolves while I’m asleep Jane. NUMEROUS TYPES OF ADVENTURES AND CLEAR COMMICATION I JASMINE OLSON believe why the wolves don’t leave my mind is because in these two ways I find them the most fun and the clearest. I mean Jane OUT OF THE BLUES wolves are the #1 in who’s able to help me have simple lessons of life besides my honest loyal Grandma Henrietta.


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