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  1. henrietta abeyta Says:

    Once Upon an Ice Age, there was a rainbow dragon born underwater. While growing up this rainbow dragon followed turtles and dolphins. Then when this colorful dragon was big enough to fly it started watching the Ice Age mammals.

    This rainbow dragon thought it was quite a pleasant surprise when it discovered its tiny real cousins like the seahorses and sea dragons who exist in the big lakes and oceans today.

    So it could follow whoever it wanted to help this rainbow dragon lived in a cave close to some large waterfalls. Princesses and fairies were its two favorite choices of who to help, but it enjoy helping others like,wizards, friendly trolls, gargoyles, mermaids when they were in danger, princes when they were transformed, and kings when they needed some help with deciding how to unite with one another.

    In the wild where animals live this colorful dragon made a few true friends. it would help when a rogue approached in front of an alpha wolf. It followed bats and sometimes picnicked with them. It raced phoenixes for fun. It protected the hyena gatherings who were the most likely to be fought by people plus the hyenas in the deserts. And when Heavenly angels needed help, this rainbow dragon called the unicorns and led the way to wherever the Heavenly angels were waiting.

    And from Spain this rainbow dragon learned how to play music BANJO / GUITAR???

    Does this sound like a good start of a story for dragon you sort of mentioned to put Tarzan with dear Jane?????? This came from both being a fantasy fan, and how quick I can visualize stories.

    Jasmine Olson sharing a little.

  2. henrietta abeyta Says:

    And when this young Rainbow Dragon met Tarzan it was also able to Play the Ethiopian Bowl Lyre. It plaid both of its two instruments guitar and Ethiopian bowl lyre on the days Tarzan considered worth celebration, which included Kwanzaa.

    When Tarzan’s rainbow dragon friend was sleeping in Africa it was either in Egypt or Ethiopian, if it wasn’t flying above him. It enjoyed helping Jane with the wild cats near Tarzan’s Gorilla family. It watched over Jane’s father for her since he was old. It would swing on vines or have fun in the river with Tarzan’s young female gorilla friend. Other times in Africa this rainbow dragon had fun with the most watchful birds, like the Flamingoes, the Vultures, the Falcons, The Ostriches, the Penguins, the Swallows, or the Parrots.

    This is the additional scene I offer, especially since it would show both friendship and freedom plus joy. Tarzan and The Rainbow Dragon together in Africa.

  3. janelindskold Says:

    You clearly have a warm and loving soul… I’m glad your creativity takes you to such places. I especially liked the idea of your dragon helping transformed princes.

    Have you ever read Patricia Wrede’s DEALING WITH DRAGONS? I think you might like it.

  4. henrietta abeyta Says:

    I read Dealing With Dragons once during my years of volunteering at Valley View Elementary, working with the nice librarian who first knew me from the Life Program class who are taught at Canyon View in Utah, but I think I didn’t picture the summary right, after reading the accurate summary online it sounds worth re-reading. Especially since I usually enjoy series more than stand-alone books.

    Thank You.

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