Cat in Costume

Last week, the WW featured a picture of my cat, Ogapoge, sleeping in one of the guinea pig tanks.  Through various ways and sundry, it ended up reaching a friend of ours.  She in turn sent us a picture of two of her foster kittens snuggling in her rabbit’s hutch.

Persephone in Costume

Persephone in Costume

The rabbit apparently has free run of the house and only uses the hutch as place for his food and water, so was happy to share.

Anyhow, one of the kittens was a calico, and I have long had a not-so secret longing for a calico.  I mentioned this to my friend, and she told me that the litter had two calicos.  Jim and I had a thoughtful, semi-serious discussion as to whether we really wanted a kitten at this point –  especially whether it would be too stressful for Kwahe’e and Ogapoge, our two seniors.

Later that evening, one of those weird things happened that leave you wondering just how much cats (or indeed pets in general) understand what we say.

For several years now, we’ve jokingly called Persephone our “calico” because, although she is mostly white and light reddish/orange, she has two little spots of grey on her head, as well as a third one on one leg.  These are tiny, less than fingertip-sized markings, not the striking patches that characterize your standard calico.

When we were getting ready for bed, Persephone came in for her dinner.  As I turned to put her bowl down, I started.  She had apparently transformed into a proper calico, with a large dark patch between her ears and another on one flank.

What we realized almost immediately was that Persephone had pushed her way passed the fireplace screen and gotten soot on her.  But it sure looked as if she was telling us “You don’t need a calico kitten.  Look!  You have me!”

Jim promptly ran for his camera and took a couple of pictures, one of which is included with this Wandering.  Those of you who regularly read my Friday Fragments have seen numerous pictures of Persephone, sans make-up, and can testify that this is not her normal look.

In case you’re wondering, as tempting as a kitten would be, we don’t think we’ll get one.

Kwahe’e and Ogapoge are both doing as well as they are with early stages of kidney disease, in part because we are giving them a lot of attention in addition to the pills and fluids.  This means that Persephone and Kel want more attention, just because.

So, it’s not a good time for a new kitten at our house, no matter how cute, but we certainly had a good laugh out of what we’ve taken to calling Persephone’s Halloween costume.

And I am indeed left wondering if I’d better be more careful about what I say around her and the rest of the animals!

3 Responses to “Cat in Costume”

  1. henrietta abeyta Says:

    Good luck with these kittens, I’d sure enjoy playing with them if I was at the house, I’m able to deal with the speed kittens move at while they play. I’ve even held young kittens in my hands calmly.

  2. henrietta abeyta Says:

    I don’t only feel the joy of a kitten’s company I have pain tolerance.

    Witches keep enough cats to make me imagine the calmest wildcats giving them support.

    ligressses, bobcats, and more.

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