Last week was particularly lovely in that it was quiet.  There were no emergencies.  I wasn’t required to go anywhere.

Kel Relaxes with Ruby

Kel Relaxes with Ruby

My week may have been quiet, but it was far from dull or unproductive.  I’d been struggling to find a way to describe.  Then my friend Sally gave me the word: “nourishing.”  That’s just it.  Instead of feeling depleted by the events of the week, I came out of it feeling more creative, whereas lately I’ve been feeling drained and wrung out.

The main focus of my week was reviewing the manuscript for an on-spec project I’ve been working on.  Because I’m trying to do the review slowly, so I can focus on detail, this left me with some spare time for other projects.

One of these was working on a Halloween costume.  In the process of putting the costume together, I also seem to be developing a story character.  I won’t be sure until I actually write the story, but I keep jotting down notes.  And even if the story doesn’t get written for a while, I hope to have an interesting costume for this Saturday’s party.

Another thing I did was take the scattered notes I’ve been writing for the role-playing game I run pretty much each week and put some of them in order.  As I did so, various elements that had been hazy began to fall into logical place.

Alan and I had some great discussions that will become future Thursday Tangents.  Since we’ve been talking about story tropes, our chats dropped some new elements to swirl in the pot where stories brew.

Jim gave me an atlatl for my birthday, and the darts finally arrived, so I’ve been learning to throw them.  For those of you who don’t know, an atlatl “dart” is six feet long.  Banish images of dart boards and a smoky corner of your local pub…  Bring on the mastodons.

Produce is ripening in the garden, with pomegranates and tomatoes in the lead, though the peppers are doing well enough that Jim pickled three or four pints this past weekend.  There’s something heartening about going out to see if anything is ripe and coming in with an unexpected bucket of bounty.   (Or, as is often the case, the front of my untucked tee-shirt, which gets converted into a carrier.)

This week will be a little busier but, for now,I think I’ll go curl up with a good book.  Yeah.  It’s one I wrote, but that doesn’t make it less of an enjoyable read.  Sure, I’ll be reading it with a red pen in one hand.  But that doesn’t make the experience any less relaxing or – contrary as it might seem to say so – stimulating!


4 Responses to “Quiet”

  1. Heteromeles Says:

    Jim’s a wonderful husband. Now, if he can explain how to tune an atlatl, I’ll be really impressed, because I only theoretically understand it.

    Incidentally, I always wanted to see someone wander into the warden’s station with a dead deer cleanly killed, a archery tag, and an atlatl, and see if the wardens can figure out whether to write the guy a ticket for breaking the law or congratulate him for being skillful enough to cleanly take the deer with a dart. Double points if the guy brings in a jackrabbit (or a duck) instead of a deer.Triple points if he used a boomerang instead of a spear…

    • Jane Lindskold Says:

      Why would it need to be either or? “Well, sir, that’s an amazing bit of target work. Now, here’s your ticket. Please don’t let us know you’ve done this again. Even if we think it’s sort of cool…”

  2. henrietta abeyta Says:

    Right dear Jane having my grandma isn’t the big part that feels emotionally special and unique, that she’s able to cope skillfully is why she’ll never fade from my memories. The reasons of my strongest wishes being well understood by her, and her good skills of coping give me totally firm pleasure to have started my life with her. She’s helped mom with me since I was 4 years old. And know Grandma more than mom, because it’s Grandma who took me to a day care house and picked me up.

    With my Epilepsy and Autism it sure feels like it’s thanks to Grandma that I actually have any positive qualities. Spirit and behavior lessons, those who are tolerant and gentle too are the ones who please me the most. The ones who speak with kindness as well as honesty like you Jane are the few able to keep me from losing strength too quick, thank you.

    It’s just enjoying a book sometimes feels as strong as enjoying someone’s company, and that is where I see a bit of sympathy in this page’s expression.

    Jasmine Olson expressing one of the strongest, or at least most emotional specialties of life. Because it feels like a unique fortune.

    • janelindskold Says:

      It’s very hard to remember to see those special qualities in life, especially since our culture seems to thrive on building up the negative. You’re wise to remember all the good, rather than giving in to the trend to concentrate on the bad.

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