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Kel Relaxes with Ruby

2 Responses to “kel-relaxes”

  1. henrietta abeyta Says:

    Dear stuffed tiger you’re free and can stay with your domestic cat friend, it’s my I Jasmine Olson know one of the nice guys who’d enjoy your company on a shelf of his. Tigers are his favorite animal, just like the wolves are my favorite animal, and sadly both are rare now.

  2. janelindskold Says:

    Ruby is named for a tiger who I met many, many years ago in Virginia. Someone had been keeping her in a horse trailer as a “pet,” but were so scared of her that they kept her locked up and just threw raw chicken in to her.

    She was rescued and lived the rest of her life in a tiny zoo where she was the star attraction and given much love. Some stories have happy endings.

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