TT: Special Edition!

Hi Folks,

I’ve had e-mail asking me if Alan is okay after the earthquake that hit the South Island in New Zealand.

Yesterday, Alan e-mailed me to let me know that although the South Island was hit by a 7.5 earthquake, he, his wife, their dog, and two cats are fine.

Jake Reads Phillip Mann

Jake Robson, Not an Earthquake Detectorre fine.

Obviously, there could be further problems from aftershocks, tsunami, and the like but, as of my latest report, Alan and family are well.

With typical Alan sense of importance, he noted that — contrary to folklore — none of their animals reacted to the quake.

Let’s all keep a good thought as the world does Shake, Rattle, and Roll…



2 Responses to “TT: Special Edition!”

  1. Dawn Says:

    I am glad to hear that.

  2. henrietta abeyta Says:

    Glad he had good news, great relief the cats and the dog are fine too. But they have tools we don’t so I’m not entirely surprised they didn’t react to the earthquake immediately, especially the cats.

    Furniture could slow down how the shaking felt when you’re a distance from the hard quaking, these are animals who quickly figure out how to escape even shattering stuff. I’m sure the dog would have behaved like Roof roof I’ve wobbled slipped and shivered repeated and it’s been noisy an earthquake is close / starting. Roof roof you’ve protected me and now I’ll do my best to save you dear masters! If the earthquake was right under their house. And if the cats felt the earthquake I’m sure they’d more likely warn each other and look for something to grip tight with their claws while house items kept shattering.

    NICE THING LONELINESS DIDN’T HAPPEN AT THE END. The dog wouldn’t have been as sure where to start searching through such a disaster as the cats would. I believe the cats would have made an effort to find new masters, but the dog would indeed wonder who was loyal enough to stay with next.

    I’d say they were luckily far enough to earthquake didn’t make enough sound in their area to sense it. Because dogs don’t just watch and listen during disasters like fire, or flood they mostly help us judge safety distance and time left to escape danger, the dogs trained to do such careers are just faster than the ones who aren’t.

    There are a few scary planet disasters and house disasters dogs have a little more courage to survive through than we humans, I’d never take my eyes off such a loyal pet at such times, I’d stay close the whole time and only if something blocked my way and the dog got far would I shout / bark / howl for help .

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