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  1. henrietta abeyta Says:

    What else can magic mean other then casting a spell????? Here.

    Mysterious discovery of an unknown place
    Discovery that helped you somehow improve
    Happened by surprise
    Found very unexpectedly
    An enchanted place in reality is a delightful place
    Feeling like you’re up in Heaven is you can’t find a better place
    Dreams come true it’s likely you reached the finish line.
    Wishes come true is you got what you wanted
    You thought something would never happen, but it did
    merchandise items don’t have magic, they have possibilities
    A mystic in reality is a trustworthy counselor.
    characters who can cast spells in reality are just imaginative people
    Miraculous, it’s an amazing pleasant surprise
    sorcerer, witch, and sorceress spells in reality are just fast changes
    Fairies in reality are just top experts of a hard work task
    Negative spells in reality are annoyance or fear
    Curses in reality are when you’re feeling quite insecure.

    Jasmine Olson sharing the explanations she discovered to replace the word Magic with the help of three fiction characters from different stories. The wolf pup Faolan, Kai a kid who lived during the Ice Age, and Coryn a Ga-Hoole owl found in the 7th to the15th book.

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