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Kel Dreaming of a White Christmas

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  1. henrietta abeyta Says:

    Once upon a time a snow leopard and a Siberian tiger had both seen a Gaelic unicorn moving on the mountain peaks. It was Christmas time so the Gaelic unicorn had a short Fondue with the snow leopard and Siberian tiger.Later that same night this Gaelic unicorn partied with elves who offered gingerbread cookies of angels riding unicorns. Then at the take off signal of the reindeer the Gaelic unicorn followed Rudolph. When the Gaelic unicorn found San Rafael areas in UT and New Mexico it had a sleepover with the Ember Unicorns. On its way North it met a bobcat who decided to help the Gaelic unicorn travel through Idaho. When it was in Canada the Gaelic unicorn gave the bobcat some crab and salmon from the Great Bear Rainforest areas of Alaska, Before crossing the sea the Gaelic unicorn gave the Siberian tiger a wolverine to eat. Next it met a polar bear and reached Japan. Then it went to China so it could celebrate Christmas with the Chinese unicorns. when it was New Year’s Day the Gaelic unicorn gave the snow leopard a wild goat to eat, Then on Epiphany the Gaelic unicorn gave a lynx in Spain a raccoon to eat and had a dance with the unicorn species considered El Alicornio and hurried home.

    A short white Winter story for Kel, from Jasmine Olson.

    • janelindskold Says:

      Hi Jasmine,

      Thanks for the story for Kel.

      Can I ask a favor? You’re going back to writing very long lists in the comments section. I’ve heard from some people that they are very confused and don’t understand why you are doing this.

      This means they don’t feel they can comment.

      Could you please keep your comments short and if you need to write a long one, put it on a picture like you did with this one? I will check and try to answer you.

      • henrietta abeyta Says:

        More than anything from the outside world I appreciate your gentleness Jane. Pleased to find someone who knows me enough to chat peacefully, because it happens rarely online with most websites and it’s very rare a disabled person is supported by a true friend. Thankfully you’re one of the few who picture me more accurately. The truth is I don’t have my own e-mail address yet but I have you to enjoy a bit of time with freely, thanks.
        It’s like Grandma enjoys me more than my half-sister who fears me because of my seizures. Vanessa feels like I’m her extra protection each time we’re at the same outing. Dylan was the very first young boy to call me sweet and his favorite animal is the tiger. And Shelly helps Shannon who’s near my age and she speaks of me having an open heart. Melissa considers me a favorite of hers she even told her mother this fact. And at the Davis Country library Suzanne and I help each other not feel too overwhelmed.

        Jasmine sharing her pleasure of her secret true friendship with Jane Lindskold.

      • janelindskold Says:

        Jasmine, you can e-mail me at jane2@janelindskold.com. I don’t always look at e-mail on the weekends, but during the week I will always try to give you at least a short answer. I can’t write long because my fingers will only let me do so much typing (I’m not a young person) and I need to save some of that for writing stories.

  2. henrietta abeyta Says:

    I’ve had people in their 40s 50s and 60s and a few in their early 70s treat me much more peacefully with politeness, and Great Grandma had several physical weaknesses that made her need to stay with someone. The other thing that helps me understand this need of yours a bit more is Grandma herself has Arthritis in several sections of her body. I have enough tolerance to really accept your different daily work schedule. When I was little I was able to stay silent on a chair at I H C where Grandma worked while I was growing up.

    It’s just with how many people don’t trust Autistic people and how many people fear seizures repeatedly I had no real childhood friend, it wasn’t until I was a teen did any kid really help me with real kindness, but he had to go on his Mormon mission of searching for the one they wanted to have family relationship with. Then it wasn’t until I was finished with the Life Program teachers did I find other true friends. Even with my own Autism I function enough to help the Special Ed people who can’t really talk to others, and my self-confidence is a bit higher than most of the disabled people who have to deal with a family that has very high hope about their abilities. My biggest difference of other people who are disabled and people who fit the Special Ed Class usually need someone every minute or complain about small deals and a few feel like they can’t give up a bad habit, but with what I’ve learned from Grandma I just look at the big deals. I focus on safety and the different ways we should try to stay balanced. I’m not picky about age I just big on real peace and kindness.

    people misunderstood enough of my Autism issues as well as my unique ways to show patience, tolerance, and efficiency that I had to actually be home schooled through grade school, it’s when I needed to start Junior High did I have another chance to deal with the outside world again. And I know with my loyal grandma being home schooled wasn’t a punishment at all it was just the easiest way to not have the outside world argue with us.

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