FF: Scattered!

I received all sorts of cool books for Christmas, including one on cowboy star Audie Murphy, a history of Wonder Woman, one on the gardens of New Spain (that’s where I live), as well as a couple gaming manuals.  (Warning, oh thou Hostages in the Court of the Faceless Tyrant, one’s all on the undead!  Blame Jim.)

Holiday Distractions in Action!

Holiday Distractions in Action!

In my spare time I’ve been dipping into these new books and a scary heap of accumulated magazines.  However, systematic reading has been preempted by visiting and other holiday fun.

For those of you just discovering this feature, the Friday Fragments lists what I’ve read over the past week.  Most of the time I don’t include details of either short fiction (unless part of a book-length collection) or magazine).

The Fragments are not meant to be a recommendation list.  If you’re interested in a not-at-all-inclusive recommendation list, you can look on my website under Neat Stuff.

Once again, this is not a book review column.  It’s just a list with, maybe, a bit of description or a few opinions tossed in.

Recently Completed:

Sorry…  Nothing!  Don’t mark me down…

In Progress:

The Commodore by Patrick O’Brian.  (Audiobook.)  Jack’s back on shore.  I always worry when he’s on land.  I think that’s why I’ve been scared to keep listening.


Continuing Naruto re-read and am up to issue 49.

7 Responses to “FF: Scattered!”

  1. henrietta abeyta Says:

    This is the Christmas I was surprised with the Kathryn Lasky series that helped me with self-respect because of how perfect Faolan the wolf pup matches me. He matches me enough to uplift me quickly.


    This is the week I’m starting to discover the differences in the adventures in The Noble Dead series and your Firekeeper series. Mistakenly picking the 6th book in the first series of this Saga, I didn’t have to read much to have the wolf Chap help me visualize how trust in yourself helps you succeed more than knowledge does, and in your Firekeeper series having hope for the future and the real efficiency in accept change are what Blind Seer helps me visualize repeated. It isn’t only I understand the balance that forms real harmony it’s also I have no trouble seeing the loyalty in wolves even when they’re quite active. They show their friendliness both ways silently and actively. On a website about various novels Chap the wolf in the Noble Dead Saga is said to be a subtle manipulator.

    I’m curious about the different ways the two wolves show loyalty to these 2 different heroines, and what different lessons the 2 heroines had to experience, as the cores do with relearning old forgotten history and learning where you come from
    ( what do the heroines learn with the wolves Chap and Blind Seer)

    I accept wolves as they are! Hooked, Fascinated? I don’t know which one describes me better, but they inspire me often enough that I won’t quit reading their stories, and my sincere compassion for wolves helps me enjoy their respectful movies.

    Jasmine Olson sharing the beginning of her New Year agenda especially because Jane Lindskold’s Firekeeper Saga is part of it

  2. henrietta abeyta Says:

    So in pretend lands I’ll sure be busy running around rocky land with wolves.

    Blind Seer in the Firekeeper Saga
    Chap in the Noble Dead Saga that has three series
    Loki’s Wolves which has descendent of some Norse gods
    The Lion the witch and the Wardrobe which has Maugrim

    I’ll probably enjoy Chap and Blind Seer equally, one is in a Science Fiction the other one is in a more Epic tale. I’d say they’re inspirational Sagas instead of considering them hokey stories.

    Jasmine Olson letting Jane Lindskold see her enthusiasm of Blind Seer and Chap so far is emotionally similar.

    They both cope
    They both encourage a heroine
    They both do their best to do the right thing
    They both have good manners
    They both act protective and watchful during adventures

    IN TRUE FRIENDSHIP CONSOLATION AND SUBTLE MANIPULATION DON’T FEEL THAT DIFFERENT THEY’RE BOTH SOMETHING TO BE THANKFUL FOR. One or the other you’d feel like telling your true friend that was very kind of you, I made it through thanks to you. Because subtle manipulation and consolation can both keep you calm during difficult stuff.

    • janelindskold Says:

      May your New Year be full of new inspirations! Run with your wolves, Jasmine.

      • henrietta abeyta Says:

        I’ll run with strength personal and physical following the packs dear Jane. Absolutely! I even already speak for a WOLAMUTE who wishes she had a house master instead of the Sanctuary home. She sure shows her feeling about wanting a house master even in her photo. Shadow a calm WOLAMUTE at Runs With Wolves Sanctuary in Maine. To help her next master I’ve been giving bits of language information related to the wolf facts that are less focused on by the majority of people because I want this calm WOLAMUTE to live in peace the rest of her life once her new house master arrives.

  3. henrietta abeyta Says:

    I love to look at Tazlina’s photo on Runs With Wolves Sanctuary’s Memoriam page. I speak for Lomasi on her My Turn To Speak page. Shadow doesn’t only express her feeling of wanting a house master clearly in her photos, she’s calm enough that this sanctuary gives you the right to call them so you can pick her up and keep her. Runs With Wolves Sanctuary leaves it up to you, speak donate, or do both. And you’re free to speak for the one you like most, each wolf or wolf-dog at this Runs With Wolves Sanctuary has its own page. It seems like lots of people have checked their Facebook page, but besides volunteers and workers no other fan has spoken on their Sanctuary’s website but me. Why?????? My replies aren’t daily, I speak only when I feel like I have something new to say to this large sanctuary pack. Do they have very few real fans or is the website of Runs With Wolves not well known??????? But that’s part of why I continue to help this sanctuary’s website I’d surely dislike losing the existence of a helpful sanctuary, and it would be torn down or changed into a different place if its website stayed blank forever.


    Jasmine Olson

  4. henrietta abeyta Says:

    And while my sympathy shared with wolves is truthful it’s one of my most emotional facts, not craziness or the issue of being overcome by wilderness….. It’s not simple to explain logically but it’s strong enough to know for sure it’s not a joke, my sympathy for wolf packs comes from several events as well as comprehension.

    I’m feared by my seizures just like even calm actions of a wolf are feared, I function high but my Autism makes the crowd think I’m another slow learner so my silence in moments of efficiency patience or tolerance are misunderstood just like the wise wolves’ moods are usually misunderstood by the majority of people. Science and fantasy I read both, it’s surely my insight that helps me discover how different animals can have bits of similarity even when the event doesn’t look it. Understanding a wolf’s courage is what helped me not lose emotional strength in school each time a teacher misunderstood what was happening. Nice people like Jane Lindskold help my loneliness fade, but I have to use more self-control around the ones who just argue over lots of small deals. That’s another thing my sympathy shared with wolves comes from, similar values. Grandma and I are sometimes stared at or laughed at with our unique ways to be efficient. I’ve understood enough behavior science facts to see clearly at work it’s not which quality you have that’s the big deal, no the big deal is how you can cooperate. That’s why I feel freedom with my visualizations of a wolf, they’re not as picky about who does what as long as there’s real strength in the pack. Plenty of simultaneous sympathy and love that a book, a respectful movie, a photo, or a visualization of mine, I always feel close to wolves, I’m in Roy UT but emotionally I never feel far. I’d go to this Runs With Wolves Sanctuary in Maine too if flight didn’t cost so much, That’s one thing with being disabled you’re given less money, $500 dollars a month isn’t enough to pay for flight and the trip too without someone else coming along.

    My loneliness isn’t being silently whiny, it’s wishing others would start looking at the bigger deals too. Dishonest, not sensitive, small deals argued over, pushed more often than manipulated, impatience, often fearing things that you shouldn’t, real caution often ignored. These are the common problems that cause my loneliness in the human world, it’s Grandma who helps me not lose my courage. It’s my numerous inspirations from wolves that keep me strong enough to live well and be independent when necessary in the outside world of ours.

    Jasmine Olson trying to show her trust in Jane Lindskold while hoping her expressions of feeling sympathy and love simultaneously when she has a vision a wolf is clear enough to not be bullied.

    Stronger Together, You Have To Be Loyal To Yourself To Be Loyal To Others, Everybody Has Feelings, Awwoooooo I’m dreamy about you, Awwoooooooo I’m absolutely willing to stand up for you!

  5. henrietta abeyta Says:

    And I’m not bragging either, I just always have a simple time memorizing recently discovered facts about this animal, almost like they’re an unforgettable family member, even though we don’t have the same den. Every calm photo of them I look at and as I stare I’m not staring with anger or fear but with my emotional wish to visit somewhere close to real wolf packs, I believe that why YELLOWSTONE fits me so perfectly. (even if they’re not in sight at least my forest friends are near) I even wish I had a wolf cross stitch.

    Book titles
    Movies I considered respectful of their packs
    my favorite heroic wolves found in fiction
    Wolf movie scenes that entertained me successfully
    my best inspirations
    my simultaneous sympathy and love for their packs
    Scientific facts
    Wolf Language facts discovered from scenes of behavior
    My favorite wolf quotes found on the internet
    Items on websites like Cafepress.com that can show my passion
    Polite Proverbs like Blind Seer’s
    my joyful moment with a few Utah Malamute and huskies too.

    Jasmine Olson trying to explain her personal wolf facts shared on this page don’t do with bragging they just do with emotions and qualities combined. No other animal is as easy for her to memorize.

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