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Look! Walter’s New Book!

3 Responses to “kwahee-reads-13”

  1. henrietta abeyta Says:

    Haha there are more than 13 unicorn types and then there’s the main reason YELLOWSTONE was built, I believe Y. N P is one of the places that is suitable for a tale of an enchanted place. Wolves and Unicorns would sure be my two main characters if I wrote a story about Yellowstone myself, but I’d include your pretty cousins in a few parts Walter. The hot sections of Yellowstone volcanoes, hot springs, and warm geysers are what gave me the fantasy idea, because of how scattered they are…….

    I’ve already decided Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center near Denver shall be my final senior vacation. Currently I’m 26 years old. There just aren’t that many truly calm Special Needs people, and people higher than resource level in school misunderstand and bully the lower functioning class treating us like we learn nothing. It’s the kindness in Grandma that’s helped me actually split superstition and truth. I’ve even once had to deal with kids kicked out of regular school who wanted to punch me since I was the last person on the school bus, that was me bravely dealing with a violent team that repeatedly laughed at the Special Needs class and argued with each other as well. This was one of the daily issues during my 3 years with the Life Program with teachers at Canyon View, which has every level of school divided in small halls.

    If delivering a meal the Life Program was offering to other teachers I kept calm while leading my classmates but I kept cautious too and almost had to stare at the teachers in front the board each time I’d stepped into the classrooms of these violent kids, I had sort of pretend those scary rough kids weren’t around. And I surprised a few of their teachers about how long I could stay controlled around such a number of violent kids when I wanted to do a short chat with just the teacher, only a bit longer than a greeting, but brave enough to not tremble or scream.

    Jasmine Olson speaking to Jane and her cat in this photo.

  2. janelindskold Says:

    Hi Jasmine…. So you’re 26! I’m glad you have access to special needs classes, and I’m glad you try to be a calm leader. We need those, don’t we!

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