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Never Turn Your Back

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  1. henrietta abeyta Says:

    Before starting to read her longer story Noble Dead written Barb & J. C. Hendee it felt like Firekeeper’s Saga was a bit similar. The differences are Magiere just knew how much others feared her but she had no idea why they considered he father unnatural, and she didn’t know she had any strengths that vampires had. So through childhood Magiere let go of her curiosity then she found her half elf friend.

    After Magiere and Leesil had known each other for six years Magiere was found and she needed to start dealing with the truth of what she is, but she first refuses because her past confuses her and scares her simultaneously. then Magiere talks with some of the main town people and starts to understand Chap’s whining growling and loud howls of fear which happens each time vampires are near. The problem is vampires fear Magiere since she shares a few of their strengths while she’s part vampire and part human, and so they want to slay her but with Chap by her side she’ll beat the pure vampires in the races she’ll just need to accept reality and hold some perseverance each time she faces one. Except her lonely past makes it a bit harder for Magiere to accept this long fight.

    So Magiere’s deal is bigger than dear Firekeeper’s but they’re equally entertaining for people like you and me.

    Jasmine Olson sharing the first story facts of Magiere

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