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Kel Contemplates Cordwainer Smith

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  1. henrietta abeyta Says:

    I wouldn’t have Sheriff Woody and Rafiki always hiding,I’d have them celebrating with everyone else first before doing their secret international parties that only the two of them do, in my peaceful personal imaginary world. One busy in Villages the other one busy in wilderness sometimes busy together.

    Ceremonies, Festivals, and Holidays, and sometimes Fairs.

    Western things with Sheriff Woody and African things with Rafiki, plus subjects related to their friends like how widely spread worshipping lions is, and that Europe and Africa both have a tree they call the tree of life just a different species.

    Jungles and Deserts in the nations of both characters plus how common canyons are in both wide countries. Like if Sheriff Woody can always enjoy being busy in the Grand Canyon of the USA he can easily enjoy an active picnic with polite loyal characters like Rafiki the mandrill, Zazu the hornbill, and a unicorn.

    Jasmine Olson sharing the facts of how equal she sees the loyalty and kindness in Sheriff Woody and Rafiki even though they work in different places in their stories.

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