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  1. henrietta abeyta Says:

    I’ve studied enough science of the Canidae to feel like I could be close to talking Fluently with a pack Jane. Even in Magiere’s Noble Dead Saga, I can tell when Chap’s saying let’s solve this problem, let’s leave for safety, or let me share some facts of those you’re facing currently so you’re not as likely to struggle, and so you’ll be able to be cautious enough. Even when he’s growling or dragging a friend by yanking the shirt. Chap’s clear when he wants his friends to treat themselves kindly, even though they’re different. He’s able to check someone’s memories.

    In your Firekeeper Saga I can tell when Blind Seer’s wisely warning Firekeeper, don’t overdo this, learn what you can while you have time, and do the best you can to find some ways to fit in even if that include learning new language. It’s Blind Seer himself who helps Firekeeper see the details of what she’s really doing, as Firekeeper has trouble controlling her endurance when she’s with the humans. Blind Seer shows his courage quite clearly.

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