FF: Next Event

This Saturday, I’ll be at the Albuquerque Museum participating in their second Author Fest.  The Fest is between 10:00 and 4:00, and is free and open to the public.  In addition to me, SF/F will be represented by Betsy James (whose Roadsouls was among this year’s World Fantasy Award finalists) and Robert Vardeman).   Other genres, from mysteries to westerns, romance and thrillers will be represented.

Starlight Reads (and munches)

This event is a great way to get a jump on your holiday shopping, while supporting both the museum and local authors.  All those participating are donating a portion of their sales to the museum.  For more information about the event and talks associated with it, you can look here.

For those of you just discovering this part of my blog, the Friday Fragments lists what I’ve read over the past week.  Most of the time I don’t include details of either short fiction (unless part of a book-length collection) or magazines.

The Fragments are not meant to be a recommendation list.  If you’re interested in a not-at-all-inclusive recommendation list, you can look on my website under Neat Stuff.

Once again, this is not a book review column.  It’s just a list with, maybe, a bit of description or a few opinions tossed in.

Recently Completed:

Myth Directions by Robert Asprin.

Down Among the Sticks and Bones by Seanan McGuire.  Audiobook.

In Progress:

A Spell for Chameleon by Piers Anthony.  Continuing my ventures into humorous fantasy re-reads.

Not Quite Dead Enough by Rex Stout.  Audiobook.


Last week I forgot to note the audiobooks Jim and I listed to on our drive to and from Denver.

Notorious Nineteen and Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich.

6 Responses to “FF: Next Event”

  1. King Ben's Grandma Says:

    Piers Anthony is great. Especially if you’re a fan of puns!

    I’m halfway through Five Odd Honors. I’m really enjoying re-reading this series❣

  2. Dawn Says:

    The Author’s Fair was fun! Thanks for the visit Jane!! I enjoyed chatting with you.
    It took me two hours to get home. Trying to find a bus on Central was crazy. I walked back down to Rio Grande from the Museum to Central. the bus stop was closed so I kept walking east and accidentally went up Lomas by the Manzano Day School there was a bus stop sign there So I thought I was in the right place. When I saw a Central bus turn I realized I made a wrong turn. I backtracked back to the intersection and walked up Central past closed bus stops until I found one between Garcia’s and the Huning Castle apartments. I know that is more than a mile But I’m not sure how much. I finally got a bus to the Alvarado Transit center at 4:45. The Montgomery bus left there at 5:00 I finally got home at 5:45.

    • janelindskold Says:

      Ouch! That’s a rough journey. Albuquerque mass transit still needs work — and the construction on Central makes everything worse there.

      Thanks for coming to the event. I appreciated both your company and your going to get me coffee when I was beginning to freeze!

  3. Jeremy Says:

    I have to admire your staying power re:Notorious Nineteen and Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich. I got bored with the Stefanie Plum series after book 7 or 8.

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