Have Yourselves a Merry…

Right now I have a bunch of projects going.  If you’re a regular reader of these Wanderings, you can skip the next three paragraphs.

Wolf Cookie In Its Native Habitat

The most time-sensitive project is finishing off production for my novel, Asphodel, which I’m hoping to release in January.  I chose to self-publish Asphodel because it’s a bit odd and finding the right publisher might have taken years.  Sooner rather than later or maybe never seemed the right way to go.

I’m also working on putting together new e-books for “The Firekeeper Saga.”  Last April, Tor Books courteously reverted to me the rights to most of my works with them.  Since readers had complained that the Tor-produced e-books suffered from a lack of proofing, I’m putting out new editions.  The cover art will still be by Julie Bell, but with different design elements.  As a bonus, each book will include an original afterward about some aspect of the series.

Side by side with the above, I’m also writing a new Firekeeper novel: Wolf’s Search.  I’ve been handwriting a bit every day.  Pretty soon I’ll have the first story arc done.  Then I’ll type that up, which will give me a chance to review, while meditating on details of the second part.

So how do I keep from crumpling up and becoming overwhelmed, especially now that I have holiday preparations taking over all my remaining available time?

What I’ve realized recently is that I need to remember the fun part.  I really love writing.  Not just “having written,” but seeing a story evolve, getting surprised by a twist in the plot.  When I started doing self-publishing, I’ll admit, I wasn’t crazy about it.  Now I’m growing to enjoy having some influence on both internal and cover design.  I’m very excited by Asphodel and can’t wait to share it with you all.

As for the holidays…  I really like the frills and flourishes of this time of year.  Jim and I don’t have any kids.  This year we won’t have any holiday visitors.  But nonetheless we’ve been decorating.  We’ve even added a couple of new wreaths, one of which hangs on my office door where I can see it as I work, the other of which is on our bedroom door.

Although it’s a lot of extra work, I honestly enjoy sending out Christmas cards.  It’s a way of touching base with people I care about, as well as reminding myself how lucky I am to have so many interesting people in my life – some of whom have remained part of it for decades.

I really enjoy baking holiday cookies.  This year I’ve had to trim back on the more time-consuming cookies, but I’m going to do those as New Year’s cookies.  Meantime, last Sunday, Jim and I settled in and did the most complicated cookies of the lot: the frosted sugar cookies.  Ours never quite look like the usual…  I’m contemplating doing more sometime in the new year because I didn’t make nearly enough cats.  Or guinea pigs.  Or the fox…

As I’ve mused over this, I’ve realized that there’s an aspect of American culture that validates complaining.  A person who is happy is somehow lesser.  To get respect, you need to complain about how overworked you are, how tense, miserable, underappreciated, and all the rest.

Sure, not everything went as I might have hoped this past year, but disappointments aren’t what define me unless I choose to let them do so.  Meantime, I have wolves roaming in Christmas cookies forest!

Merry, merry, merry to you all!


6 Responses to “Have Yourselves a Merry…”

  1. CBI Says:

    I’m glad that you are doing more in the indie way: although there are disadvantages to both, I think that overall it is a win-win for both the author and the reader. I’ll admit to being partial to dead-tree books and to libraries (yes!), but the option of both e-books and print-on-demand looks to be a good path into the future.

    Has anyone already come out with an editing/publishing service? I don’t mean vanity presses, which basically take whatever is given them as-is. Instead, an author would contract with a company having an editor, copy-editor, visual designer, publishing group, and perhaps publishing and website-management groups as well. In effect, there’d be a role reversal, where the author would be hiring the press. I’m not in the industry, so have no clue as to the viability of the model (I can see some problems but don’t know if they’d be fatal), but on first face, it seems like a reasonable arrangement.

    • janelindskold Says:

      I’m not sure about full-service. What do you mean by “publishing group”?

      • CBI Says:

        It is likely that my ignorance is showing, but I was meaning those people in charge of getting the final e-book form(s) together as well as those getting a dead-tree print-on-demand sequence set up.

      • janelindskold Says:

        There are certainly companies that will do both of these. However, the editor, copy-editor, website etc is something that would be hard to bundle. Not even the big NY publishers do all of that.

  2. kirroth Says:

    a new Firekeeper novel?!?! I’m so happy now. I was going through my ebooks and saw the Firekeeper saga. I was sad because I remember not feeling like the story was finished. Please consider fans like me, try to finish another book for us. 😉

    • janelindskold Says:

      I am writing one. It’s called Wolf’s Search. However, unless you want me to kill everyone off and blow up the planet, then “finished” may not ever happen. As a reader, I’ve never been fond of series that go onto the children of the first group. Often seems contrived.

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