FF: A Wise Reminder

Kel Between Light and Dark

Some months ago, I promised that I would let you know when the collection The Sacerdotal Owl and Three Other Long Tales by Michael Bishop came out.  I read these four novellas a few months ago when I was asked if I would blurb the collection.  Here’s what I said:

“Where else but in a Michael Bishop story would Central American guerillas make an uneasy alliance with ancient gods, or a reluctant Dalai Lama come of age on an interstellar transport, or a half-mad visionary reanimate the dead to perform in plays that hint at secret history, or a leftover alien messiah descend from the stars to proselytize humanity?  Michael Bishop has the gift for creating realms where the landscape of body and spirit are firmly intertwined, each supporting and enhancing the other, so that the resulting tale resonates with the reader through cascading levels of wonder.”

Needless to say, I recommend, especially for readers who enjoy stories that are just a bit different.

For those of you just discovering this part of my blog, the Friday Fragments lists what I’ve read over the past week.  Most of the time I don’t include details of either short fiction (unless part of a book-length collection) or magazines.

The Fragments are not meant to be a recommendation list.  If you’re interested in a not-at-all-inclusive recommendation list, you can look on my website under Neat Stuff.

Once again, this is not a book review column.  It’s just a list with, maybe, a bit of description or a few opinions tossed in.

What are you reading?

Recently Completed:

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Tertiary Phase, Quandary Phase, Quintessential Phase  by Douglas Adams.  Audiobooks.   BBC production.  Just bizarre enough, with a real plot and even some character development hiding in there.

A Rebel in Time by Harry Harrison.  Lived up to my good memories.

In Progress:

To Reign in Hell by Steven Brust.  Another book I read over twenty years ago, and have now decided to re-read.  Just started.

The Burning Maze, “Trials of Apollo” Book Three by Rick Riordan.  Audiobook.


Scattered works of short fiction and short non-fiction.

2 Responses to “FF: A Wise Reminder”

  1. Beverly Martin Says:

    I hope you are feeling better! I am reading Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman, after your reminder about enjoying those stories.

    Also in the middle of Inheritance by Christopher Paolini. I do enjoy dragons. This is the fourth book of the Eragon series.

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