Absurd, Hopefully Not Impossible

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Last week, after I announced the publication of a new e-book edition of Brother to Dragons, Companion to Owls, a fan e-mailed me and politely asked for an update on the forthcoming Firekeeper novel.  Her e-mail expressed concern that the fact that I was doing other projects meant that I’d lost interest in or was stuck on the Firekeeper novel.

I’m here to reassure you that this is not the case.  It’s actually the opposite.  Simply put, the project has grown beyond my earlier expectations.

Initially, my intention was to write a short Firekeeper novel.  Well, I both am and am not doing that.  The story turned out to be a lot more complicated than I anticipated.  Is anyone other than me surprised about this?  So definitely more Firekeeper is on the way.  Stay tuned for details as I have them.

In the meantime, please try some of my other works.  My newest is the somewhat surreal Fantasy, Asphodel.  I’ve also produced new e-book editions of all six of the original Firekeeper novels, as well as my older novels When the Gods Are Silent, Smoke and Mirrors, Changer, and Changer’s Daughter.  Some of these are also available in print via my website bookstore.

Prefer short fiction?  My collection Curiosities is available in both print and e-book.  Looking for advice on writing?  Try my Wanderings on Writing.

As you can see, “Jane Lindskold” is more than a one-flavor author.  I hope that no matter what your favorite of my flavors is, you’ll try another.  You might be surprised by how much you like it.

So, although I’m laughing at the absurdity that my “simple” project has turned out to be a lot more complex, I’m also here to reassure you that it’s not impossible – just that the timetable has changed a smidge.

PS — The Absurd Tiger is by Rhari, whose Sandshadow portrait I featured a couple FF ago.


8 Responses to “Absurd, Hopefully Not Impossible”

  1. Louis Robinson Says:

    That’s a decidedly anthropomorphic Tiger! I like him. or her, as the case may be.

    And is this a suitable point to insert one of my intermittent nudges? Fun as Firekeeper may be, I still want to know what’s up with Noelani – I don’t think it was poor timing, and she and Brenda seem to fit a pattern… So, whenever it suits you: Please!

    • janelindskold Says:

      Hi Louis,

      Here’s my global plan. Firekeeper fans have been asking for a new book for over ten years. I finally came up with an idea that has me excited, so that’s what I’m doing.

      Next will be a project unconnected to any prior series, because I’m excited about that one, too.

      Then a new “Breaking the Wall” book. I always intended to do another and while it may not match what you’re hoping for (‘Lani is VERY young) it will feature Brenda and many of the others. This schedule will also give me time to do new ebooks for the “Breaking the Wall” series.

      I get tired just thinking about it all! But I’m also happy to have a bunch of projects that not only CAN I do, I WANT to do.

      • Louis Robinson Says:

        As long as you stay excited. And ‘Lani’s age is exactly what intrigues me. Just when the current situation settles down…

        Which is why I can’t wait to find out what you really have in mind. And whether I’ve been reading between the correct lines 🙂

      • janelindskold Says:

        You may need to remind me what you’re thinking. I won’t answer because I never commit myself in advance — as I said in the WW this week, my books often do things I don’t expect. They’re always much better because of this.

  2. harriedharry Says:

    I suspect you’ve been hanging around with David Weber. The last time I checked he had two major books being written or under review by the editors. As always, you will do the best you can with all your projects and we (the readers) will see them when you and the editors feel they are ready. Most readers like me are very impatient to read the next edition of a series we enjoy. For myself, I would rather you finish the book(s) when they are ready and not leave them as unfinished projects for someone else to try to complete. Take care of your writing or the tiger will get you!

    • janelindskold Says:

      Hi Harry, I think you know David Weber is one of my dearest friends. I was very scared when he nearly worked himself into serious illness and was prescribed a break. I’m not going to do that to myself. In fact, I’m taking off tomorrow to go to the State Fair with my darling husband.

  3. King Ben's Grandma Says:

    I love the Breaking The Wall series! I’m very excited to read there will be another book.
    Firekeeper got complicated? That’s no surprise 🙂
    Asphodel was an amazing story, especially the ending.
    I’m happy to read that you have so many characters wanting their stories told. I’m even happier to read that you’re taking a day off to have fun with your hubby!

    • janelindskold Says:

      I’ve MISSED you! So good to see your phosphors. I hope everything is okay. Thanks for the encouragement to take time off. It’s really hard for me because I’m self-employed and it’s so hard knowing nothing will happen w/o me.

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