A Writer’s Predicament

Cuddle Up With a Good Story

Last week my author’s copy of Sword and Sorceress 33 arrived, brightening my day and tempting me to curl up and read.  My story in the collection is titled “A Familiar’s Predicament.”  If one of the characters in the story looks just a little like the dragon in the picture, you can just say I was writing about what I know.

I’ve owned that particular soft-sculpture piece since 1989.   I acquired it at the very first SF con I attended:  Lunacon in Tarrytown, New York.  I went there to meet a writer with whom I’d exchanged several letters: Roger Zelazny.    Memorable times.  I certainly didn’t know when I was wandering the Dealer’s Room, trying to decide what to get as a souvenir, that I was at a major turning point in my life.  If I’d been told that I was, I would have been completely wrong about what that turning point was.  You see, I had my first big job interview the following week…

Not knowing when a turning point is coming is at the heart of “A Familiar’s Predicament,”  along with a cast of odd and surprising people.  I look forward to writing more about all of them in the future.  I hope you’ll take the time to meet them, as well as enjoying other stories in the collection.

To this point, I haven’t given into the temptation to curl up and read other stories in Sword and Sorceress 33, mostly because when I have spare time from domestic duties, helping Jim with his PT, and getting ready for the holidays, I’ve been writing.

Yes.  Once again, I’m deeply immersed in the new Firekeeper project.  I’ve had a few queries as to why I’m not done yet.  The simplest answer is that, unsurprisingly, the story turned out to be more complex than I thought it would, so it’s longer.  I’ll have more to say about the book once I have a complete draft done, but I don’t like talking about works in progress in too much detail.  Something superstitious in me is afraid I’ll jinx them!

Now I’m off to do a few holiday prep things, so I can free up my thoughts enough that I can go run with Firekeeper and Blind Seer.


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