Dream Become Reality

Ogapoge Signs and DreamForge

This time last year I received a letter from a longtime friend that – although I didn’t know it at the time – was the beginning my signing on to be part of a new, ambitious, and very exciting project.  That project is DreamForge Magazine: Tales of Hope in the Universe.  This February 14th – yes, Valentine’s Day – that dream is going to become reality.

Did this take me away from the novels you want me to be writing?  No.  Actually, any of you who are looking forward to the new Firekeeper novels should give DreamForge a vote of thanks.  From May of 2018 on, Jim and I met with personal challenge after personal challenge.  I really think these would have dragged me down if I hadn’t had Scot’s enthusiasm for impossible dreams as an example.

What’s exciting about DreamForge is that it’s a truly visionary magazine.  It’s about hope and vision.  Let me quote Scot from the essay he wrote for the rare Issue 0: “Why a magazine?  The simple answer is this: in fiction and the world in general, we’ve seen the novelty of dark and grim perspectives grow to a commonplace expectation.  Everyone, it seems, assumes that the world has already gone to hades in a handbasket and a good apocalypse might be what’s needed to freshen it up.  We disagree.”

And Scot really does disagree.  I might have been the first person to tell him he was insane, but I’m certainly not the only one.  But he kept pushing, and in July when we met up at Congregate in North Carolina, Scot handed me and Jim copies of Issue 0.  I melted.  The paper felt like ultrasuede.  The colors were lush.  The art – by Scot’s wife who is another person who has caught Scot’s insanity – was rich and beautiful.  Even better, this artistic approach wasn’t reserved for the cover.  This whole magazine was a jaw-dropping reminder of why I’d fallen in love with Science Fiction and Fantasy.

David Weber had come to Congregate so we could visit.  I introduced him to Scot, who, of course, showed him Issue 0.  We didn’t even have a chance to ask Weber if he would maybe someday be interested in contributing.  He read the banner, looked at Scot’s introduction and said very, very seriously: “When you’re ready to take stories, contact me.  This is the sort of thing we need – not more dystopia.”

Worried that DreamForge will be cotton candy, feel-good, empty of content?  Well, those of you who know my work may have read my short story “Born From Memory.”  I wrote that originally for a contest Scot ran, and reprinted it in my short story collection, Curiosities.  It’s not cotton candy.

Scot talks about DreamForge with even more enthusiasm than I do.  I want to encourage you to check out the DreamForge website.  Even better, check out their new Kickstarter.  Some of the limited offerings are mind-bogglingly great.  Scot wants to create not just a magazine, but a community for those of us who believe in dreaming big – and there is room even for those of you who don’t think you can spare the money for a subscription.  That’s the sort of person Scot is.


11 Responses to “Dream Become Reality”

  1. Scot Noel Says:

    Aww… What a nice article! I truly appreciate not only this but all the advice and input you’ve given us as we developed this from an idea to a publication. Nothing happens alone or without support, and I have been amazed by the buy-in from people literally too many to name here – I would be typing for hours. But I will mention my wife (another Jane) who, in the beginning, I was hoping would “let” me do this. Now she is our layout artist, one of the illustrators, part-time social media manager and she easily has more sweat, hours, and emotion invested in this than I do, and it’s my idea! Kudos too to our team at the Day Job (Chroma Studios) where we make websites. They said, “oh, Scot, we’re not just going to let you have an ordinary website, we’re going to build the most advanced reading “dashboard” in the industry for you!” If you want to check that out, you can here – https://dreamforge.mywebportal.app/ Today, the adventure continues. Issue #1 is almost out the door and I’m writing checks to authors for Issue #2. We hope you’ll give us a try!

    • janelindskold Says:

      Thanks for filling in my brief mention of “other Jane.” Without her, there’s no way this would have come so far so fast. Her artistic and layout skills brought DreamForge up to better than professional standards from Issue 0.

  2. Harried Harry Says:

    HURRAY ! I’ve been looking at adding ebooks to my reader, but most are very dark. I have challenges during the winter due to a disorder caused by the darkness so I really don’t need to read dark stories. I’ve been reading westerns ’cause they always (almost) end on a positive note. A magazine based on the light side of things is just what all of us need. Thanks for sharing the news.

  3. King Ben's Grandma Says:

    Looks like a fantastic project! I’m in.

  4. Barbara Barnett Says:

    Looking forward to holding the debut issue in my hands 🙂

  5. dnprice01 Says:

    I am so excited about this!!!! Yay!!!

  6. Peter Says:

    …and sold! Really looking forward to reading this.

  7. janelindskold Says:

    An easily overlooked gem among the wealth of incentives on the DreamForgeMag Kickstarter is the Founder’s Bonus: Personal Feedback on up to 5 story submissions. This AND a cool magazine and swag… Check it out!


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