Take Flight With Wolf’s Search

Back and Front Cover!

As you’ve probably guessed, the image accompanying this post is the official cover for Wolf’s Search.  The art is by Julie Bell, who gave her talents to the art for the first six books, and let me use her “Andre” for the cover of Wolf’s Search.

Many readers of Fantasy and SF are already familiar with Julie Bell’s art, but did you know that doing the covers for the Firekeeper books brought her to doing wildlife art as well?  You can read all about her journey—including the ups and downs along the way—here.

If you’re interested in seeing the original of “Andre,” here’s a link to the proper page on Julie Bell’s site.  You’ll see that her image is just a little different from the one on the cover, but it’s still magnificent.  Even more fascinating, Julie Bell’s painting actually perfectly fit something I’d planned for the book long before I started looking for art.  There is such a thing as serendipity.

Wondering what Wolf’s Search is about?  Let me spare you trying to read off the photo and give you the blurb here!

Transformative Journey

Blind Seer has run at Firekeeper’s side since the wolf-woman first crossed the Iron Mountains into human-held lands.  Now it’s her turn to run alongside the blue-eyed wolf as he sets out in search of someone who can teach him how to use his magical gift—on his own unique terms.

The pair’s search will take them to the far side of the world in the company of allies who include a young woman scarred by war, a falcon who believes himself a traitor, and an old friend… or possibly enemy.  Together they will fight battles from before they were born, climb mountains, cross badlands, eventually unveiling a threat that will reshape not only Blind Seer, but his belief in what he most desires.

As I write this, I’m waiting for the print proof for Wolf’s Search to arrive.  It’s scheduled to get here tomorrow.  Proofing that is the final Big Step before the book is ready for release.  Depending on whether any new errors cropped up in printing, Wolf’s Search could be available as both e-book and trade paperback within a few weeks.

I’ll announce when Wolf’s Search is available as a Wednesday Wandering.  If you can’t wait even a moment, sign up for my Mailing List, since I’ll post the information there as soon as it becomes available.  You can find a link to the mailing list at my website.  My mailing list is only used for important announcements, and I never share the list, so you don’t need to worry about being inundated except by the sort of news you want!

Now, off to see if the proof has arrived.  I know it’s a day early, but I’m very excited!


8 Responses to “Take Flight With Wolf’s Search”

  1. Beverly Martin Says:

    The covers are outstanding! I am really looking forward to reading the book!

  2. King Ben's Grandma Says:

    It’s currently 4:03am PDT and I was feeling very unhappy that my grandson decided my day should start before dawn again, then I read this post and all (okay… *most*) of my unhappy has turned to excited.

  3. Daniel Morris Says:

    Beautiful cover. I am curious, each book in the series has a different font colour. Was this done to blend in with the cover photo and/or to reflect some plot element?

    • janelindskold Says:

      The different color on the titles is both to coordinate with the cover art and to make the different books stand out from each other. Nothing to do with the plot!

  4. reddjena05 Says:

    How marvelous!!! I can’t wait to read and review this one 🙂 Better get cracking on my series reread!

    • janelindskold Says:

      I hope a series re-read is not necessary. I did my best to make this a book even a new reader could pick up. Sure, there will be spoilers, but the plot is not dependent on a detailed knowledge of previous events.

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