Mysterious Picture

Beautiful Dream

So, what’s with the weird picture?  Read on, and you’ll find out!

As those of you who have been reading these wanderings for a few years have probably figured out, one of my pet peeves is how the “thanks” and the “giving” seem to have vanished from what is increasingly transforming into “Turkey Day,” or “Watch Sports Day,” or “Pre-Black Friday Shopping Event Day.”

If you’re reading this, you have so much to be thankful for.  You have access to some electronic device.  You have electricity.  You can see.  Or hear.  You can probably talk, maybe even walk.  It’s likely you can read.

I won’t keep on going, because by this time you’re either nodding or rolling your eyes.

So, as promised, here’s what’s with the weird picture.  Depicted are part of Jim and my harvest this year.  Predominantly featured are heritage Pima beige and brown tepary beans we grew from seeds gifted to us by Ursula Vernon (aka T. Kingfisher) (aka the writer/artist who wrote Digger and a bunch of other great stories).  Thanksgiving has its roots as a harvest festival, which is why I decided to feature the beans.

Ursula sent us the beans because she couldn’t grow them in her wet North Carolina climate, but didn’t think such rare beans should go to waste.  Despite the best pruning attempts of Frippery Scamperpaws Wigglebutt, our resident baby bunny this year, as well as a brutally hot mid-to-late summer, we managed a harvest that increased what we planted by at least six times, possibly as much as ten.

The majority of said harvest ended up in my soup kettle, part of a multi-bean soup that will provide many meals in the weeks to come.  Since Thanksgiving has its roots in harvest festivals, featuring these beans seemed very appropriate.

May your personal harvest of things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving multiply.  Please remember that what we so often take for granted (like walking, talking, breathing) are all very wonderful things!

Frippery Stalled At the Fence


9 Responses to “Mysterious Picture”

  1. King Ben's Grandma Says:

    I had an unexpected harvest this year. A tree has been growing next to the fence and lattice side of our little deck area. It’s a volunteer, wild tree. I have no idea how it started and we’ve just let it do its thing. This year I noticed the flock of wild parrots going after something in the tree. After some investigation and googling, I discovered that I have a pecan tree, a wild pecan tree, in my backyard. I didnt know that pecan trees could grow in Southern California. It’s in a very awkward place for harvesting but I did get enough to make a few mini pies. I’m saving that for Christmas dinner.

  2. aoibin Says:

    I love the picture, Jane! What a great story about saving the beans.
    Thanksgiving should be about being thankful for what and who we have, as well as for the harvest. I haven’t gardened since i was a kid on a farm, and my wife’s tomatoes have come and gone, but I appreciate working the land, and I’m glad your garden has done so well.

    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving my friend. Enjoy the soup!

  3. Harried Harry Says:

    It’s always worth a Thanks when a garden actually grows well. At one time (when I was a century younger) I was able to grow a decent garden. Now it’s much harder to do. My tomatoes are gone but the pecans are doing pretty well. I’ve already started the harvest but the recent rains (and wind) have set me back a little.

    I’m always thankful at this time of year since I’m able to talk with some of my 11 siblings, talk with my three kids, have a very nice BBQ turkey dinner, and am in reasonably good health. My wife’s health is very good as well as our two dogs (Corgi-Jack Russel mix).

    Everyone, please have a safe holiday season and be careful if the weather is not as nice as you like. Slow down and enjoy things. I love to see the trees turn color and slow down and meditate about what is happening in my life. Too many people tend to think the holidays are about “stuff” but I’ve found other things are more important.

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