FF: Onna

Mei-Ling Stayed Up Late Reading

Last weekend we took off to Texas to see Jim’s family, so I had some reading time while in the airport and onna jet plane.

The Friday Fragments lists what I’ve read over the past week.  Most of the time I don’t include details of either short fiction (unless part of a book-length collection) or magazines.  The Fragments are not meant to be a recommendation list.  If you’re interested in a not-at-all-inclusive recommendation list, you can look on my website under Neat Stuff.

Once again, this is not a book review column.  It’s just a list with, maybe, a bit of description or a few opinions tossed in.

Recently Completed:

Firebrandt’s Legacy by David Lee Summers.  Space opera of the swashbuckling sort.  A fix-up novel built around stories featuring the privateer Legacy and her crew.  The characterization is not static, as if often the case with “fix-ups,” and several secondary characters have repeat appearances, giving the universe more depth than is often seen in such novels.  Recommended for those who don’t mind SF where action and adventure comes first.

In Progress:

Angel Mage by Garth Nix.  Just started.

Witchmark by C.L. Polk.  Started on the plane.

Grimjack created by John Ostrander and Tim Truman.  Comic books.  Past the “Trade Wars” storyline and into Kalibos.  Grimjack is definitely an anti-hero, but one who tries to be more “hero” than “anti.”  Ever since “Requiem” he’s been trying harder.  Didn’t get to read much in this last week because of travel.

The Age of Faith by Will Durant.  Part Four of “The Story of Civilization.”  Audiobook.  At a massive sixty-one and a half hours, I’ll be back and forth with this one for a while!


Read a bunch of articles in the “in-flight” magazine.  Was particularly taken by one about Picasso’s “Blue Period,” when he was a young man, just developing  his own style.


4 Responses to “FF: Onna”

  1. Beverly Martin Says:

    Firebrandt’s Legacy sounds like something I might like. I added it to my TBR list. Thank you for the suggestion.

    Between cooking and football, not much time for reading this week.

    • janelindskold Says:

      It’s space opera, definitely, sometimes over the top. Amusing fact: the author is an astronomer at Kitt’s Peak. He knows his science but feels the need for freewheeling adventures, too!

  2. King Ben's Grandma Says:

    A busy week for me. Monday was a “what else can go wrong” day for all of my immediate family. It’s weird when that happens.
    The good news is that I read a few chapters of Twisted Twenty-six by Janet Evanovich. I’m looking forward to getting back to it.

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