The Quest For The Unholey Grail

Behold The Ominous Text!

A couple of weeks ago, I exploded my favorite covered casserole dish, thereby discovering that it could not be used under a broiler.  That was the first surprise.   The second was that, apparently, glass microwaveable/oven-safe covered casserole dishes have gone out of fashion–especially in my chosen color of cobalt blue.

Jim and decided to go questing for a new one.  Because a grail is a cup or chalice, and we were looking for a base (or liquid-holding portion) that was unbroken, I decided to dub this “The Quest For The Unholey Grail.”

We began our quest at a local thrift store.  Despite being able to answer what was our name, what was our quest and, most importantly, “What is Your Favorite Color?,” we did not succeed.  We expanded our search to an antique/collectible mall of the decidedly not upscale sort.

There we made our way past the booths of “Vinyl Records Are Now Trendy Again,” beyond the numerous cases of sparkling jewelry, beneath the sound of Angels Hark Heralding, deeper and deeper into darkening caverns celebrating the glories of the Material World.

A “Pyrex 15% Off” booth gave us reason to hope but, as when Arthur and his Knights face the denizens of Castle Anthrax, the beacon was deceptive.

Then, in the very back of the mall, in a booth that had various and sundry bits of kitchenware, on the bottommost shelf, at the base of a stack of no less than three different casserole dishes, we found what we were seeking.

Well, almost…  This dish was clear, not shining blue, but the diameter and manufacturer were the same.  We had retained the lid of our shattered dream dish.  Therefore, when a lady, small and elfin, who even offered to get me coffee from her car when I admired the scent of the brew she held in one hand, popped up and offered to take our new find up to the register, we decided to take the gamble.

At home, we were delighted to discover that lid and base fit each other as if created for that very purpose!  Sentimentally, we were happy that our bereft lid could be repurposed.  The price was very satisfactory as well.

Interestingly, the new dish has “DO NOT USE UNDER BROILER OR ON STOVETOP” in much larger letters than did the old.  I guess this means that I’m not the only one to make this mistake.

This quest resolved, I can move forth to my next task: reviewing Jim’s comments on Wolf’s Soul, which he finished reviewing Monday morning.  There is always another quest!

Healed Is The Shattered One!


15 Responses to “The Quest For The Unholey Grail”

  1. chrissportsworld Says:

    Dear Jane,   I love this, and I am going to ask you for the make and diameter of the dish to see if I can find one for you as a Christmas present if you would like one instead of something from the Vermont Country Store.     I am assuming (perhaps I should not?) that Jim would enjoy his semi-annual chocolate filled drops.   Is there something from the Vermont Country Store that would appeal to you if I am unsuccessful in  my quest?     I love your writing!   Ann

  2. the6thjm Says:

    All that is glass does not shatter,
    Not all those who casserole are lost;
    No need for a salver or platter,
    Seek one with a warning embossed.

    At antique malls, a quest shall be spoken,
    A prize (past the vinyl) shall spring;
    Renewed shall be dish that was broken,
    The crownless again shall be king.

    Or something like that. I’m up way too early with insomnia.
    (with apologies to J.R.R. Tolkien)

  3. Dawn Barela Says:

    Hi Jane! There are a bunch of the cobalt dishes on eBay. You might try that, I used “Anchor ovenware cobalt blue” as the search title. Otherwise you will get over 1800 listings! If you look. Make sure you check if the shipping cost is worth the effort.

  4. King Ben's Grandma Says:

    I also have much love for the blue dishes. Clumsy fingers and angry tempers in the past have left me with only two rectangular dishes. I’m glad your quest was semi-successful. 😀


    I have an 8.25″ 1.5qt blue Anchor casserole dish with lid it you want it — I just emailed you…

  6. valorandcompassion Says:

    I love this, Jane–and the Tolkien-esque poem it inspired! (I imagined an Elven smith hammering out a new Pyrex…or extruding one, or however you make it.)

    A number of years ago, a duel between a cat, a counter, and our favorite huge popcorn bowl ended with the bowl shattered. Perhaps the bowl’s provenance foreshadowed its fate: we’d found it at a thrift store, and the potter had painted on its inside some couple’s name and the date of their union, so I guessed that they got divorced and gave away their once shared popcorn bowl. Alas, the bowl divided in half, just like their marriage, and we were left with teeny bowls inadequate to the task.

    But lo, we approached a potter friend, who made us a new, gloriously ultramarine blue popcorn bowl. Healed is the bowl that was broken, and gladly it bears its freight of popcorn, butter, and garlic powder. Hail reborn cookware from one end of Middle-Earth (or Monty Python’s Britain) to the other!


  7. Jim Queflander Says:

    Hopefully you were successful in locating a replacement (or additional) cobalt blue glass baking dish.. if not, I did a quick search on ebay and found this list.. Hopefully you (or the rest of the people here) might like browsing this lit:

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