FF: One Read Leads

Persephone Contemplates the Holiday Scene

Christmas prep led me to remember that I’d bought a book about the origins of various Christmas traditions, so I dug that from the to-be-read pile.  And reading Me led to another Hepburn.  All lovely.

The Friday Fragments lists what I’ve read over the past week.  Most of the time I don’t include details of either short fiction (unless part of a book-length collection) or magazines.  The Fragments are not meant to be a recommendation list.  If you’re interested in a not-at-all-inclusive recommendation list, you can look on my website under Neat Stuff.

Once again, this is not a book review column.  It’s just a list with, maybe, a bit of description or a few opinions tossed in.

And I really enjoy hearing about what you’re reading!

Recently Completed:

Me: Stories of My Life by Katharine Hepburn.  I read this many years ago, and am enjoying again.  Kudos to reader Bernadette Dunne who does such a phenomenal “Katharine Hepburn” voice that Jim went and picked up the box to make certain Hepburn herself wasn’t reading it.

In Progress:

Christmas: A Biography by Judith Flanders.  A fascinating look at how Christmas has been celebrated from its inception to the 21st century.  Although the emphasis of the middle chapters is on European and American customs, the author does keep a global touch.  Fascinating anthropological/sociological approach, well-documented, with additional material available on a dedicated website.

The Making of The African Queen or How I went to Africa with Bogart, Bacall, and Huston and almost lost my mind by Katharine Hepburn.  Extremely chatty, reads as if it was narrated rather than written, with numerous asides.    I wish this was available as an audiobook with the same reader who read Me.

Fearless Girls, Wise Women, and Beloved Sisters: Heroines in Folktales From Around the World compiled by Kathleen Ragan.  I’ve been reading more than a few stories a day.  We’re into China now.  (The book is arranged roughly geographically, which is rather fascinating.)

The Age of Faith by Will Durant.  Part Four of “The Story of Civilization.”  Audiobook.  Solidly into the Dark Ages.


Read a few more issues of Grimjack, just because.

10 Responses to “FF: One Read Leads”

  1. Beverly Martin Says:

    I finished Wolf’s Head, Wolf’s Heart by you and enjoyed it as much this time through. The characters come alive in this story and I can sympathize with Firekeeper trying to grow up, either as a wolf or a woman, and having trouble with both.

    I also read Navigating the Stars (Sentinels of the Galaxy #1) by Maria V. Snyder. I had read her magic series before. This book is science fiction. This time the “science” part includes archeology. A fun read.

    Now I am reading Tsarina by Ellen Alpsten. I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway. It is about the life of Catherine the Great. Just started, but seems to be well written.

    • janelindskold Says:

      Glad Wolf’s Head, Wolf’s Heart held up. The other books sound interesting. I read one bio of Catherine the Great years ago. Fascinating person. Thanks for the SF series recc. SO many books!

  2. Svenn Lindskold Says:

    I’ve been reading fiction and memoirs of Scott Momaday, Leslie Marmon Silko, and Linda Hogan for Native American thought and images. I set out on this for a little background for poetry. Who knows where it will lead. Albuquerque, of course, is the publishing center as well as sometimes home for them.
    Any suggestions?

  3. The6thJM Says:

    I’ve been binge-watching a TV show so I’ve read only one book recently, and that was a re-read because someone mentioned it and I wanted to read it again:
    “This Immortal” by Zelazny.

    I’ll get back to read new books next week.

  4. King Ben's Grandma Says:

    I got notification from the library that its my turn for both ebooks and my new DreamForge came in the mail. I dont know where to start😂

  5. Harried Harry Says:

    Merry Christmas to all.

    I’ve been reading at night and picking pecans during the day. I’m playing an audio book by Jim Butcher “Aeronauts Windlass” and finished a new book by Beau L’Amour titled “Lost Treasures, Vol 2”. Both are very good. The second book is interesting since it is Beau’s extracts from his dad’s files for books under construction & development of ideas. I found it very interesting since most of his books were well researched or Louis L’Amour had the real world background from his travels and research. Provides insight on how he developed his stories.

    Another book is “Dragon’s Teeth” by Mercedes Lackey. Lots of short stories and most provide materiel to think on.

    • janelindskold Says:

      Sounds like a great list… Here’s a way to pick pecans AND read. Get an audio player with either good speakers or a headset. I do a LOT of my audio reading to liven up doing chores.

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