Projects Update: Wolf’s Soul and Others

Kel’s On Top Of 2020

About this time last year, I wrote a comprehensive update about what I was working on and what could be expected in the year to come.  Seems like a good time to do the same thing again…

As promised, 2019 saw the release of Wolf’s Search, the seventh book in the Firekeeper Saga and the first new book in the series in about a decade.  2020 will see the release of Wolf’s Soul, the second part of the story.  The manuscript is written, polished, and I’m getting feedback from my secret beta readers.  After that’s in, I’ll give the manuscript a review, send the manuscript to my copyeditor, and shift into production.  If all goes well, the book should be available to you in just a few months.

I don’t plan to delay the release of Wolf’s Soul for promotional hype, gathering pre-orders, or the like.  The first announcement of availability will be via my newsletter.  Then I’ll mention it here, as well as on my social media.

Another almost completed project are{is} three new e-book versions of the “Breaking the Wall” novels (Thirteen Orphans, Nine Gates, and Five Odd Honors).  Each e-book will have new cover art by Jane Noel.  There will also be extra content in the form of essays about how the idea for the series evolved, as well as quite a lot about how elements of mah-jong played a role in the development of the magic system.   We’re working on cover art and design, then they’ll be ready to go.  Again, the first announcement will be on my newsletter, but I’ll mention it here as well.

If you’re not into e-books, I still have copies of the hardcover print editions available at my newly revamped website bookshop.

Contracts have been signed for three new novels in the “Star Kingdom” (aka “Stephanie Harrington”) series that I have been writing with my long-time friend, David Weber.  The series to this point consists of A Beautiful Friendship, Fire Season, and Treecat Wars.  These books are prequels to the “Honor Harrington” novels and, unlike those, take place mostly planetside.  For this reason, there’s a lot more about the treecats, their home lives, and culture.  We’ve started writing the first (yet untitled) book in this new series, and writing this will be my first focus in 2020.

I also have some short fiction forthcoming, including “The Problem With Magic Rings” in DreamForge and “The Greatest Jewel” in a Masters of Orion anthology.  And, yes, I’m continuing to work with DreamForge magazine, which has just completed its fourth issue and first year!

It’s possible that other books in my backlist will be made available as new e-books.  Whether that happens will be a question of time and energy.  I wouldn’t have been able to do what I have with the “Breaking the Wall” books without the help of my husband, Jim, artist Jane Noel, and frequent proofreader, Paul Dellinger.

I’d like to write more short fiction, and may well do so.  There’s also a 150,000 word rough draft manuscript that I’m hoping to get back to and expand, probably into two books.  I’d like to start with that before the year is over.  We’ll see if that’s a bit optimistic on my part…

So, another busy year with many new stories being written.  Any questions?


5 Responses to “Projects Update: Wolf’s Soul and Others”

  1. King Ben's Grandma Says:

    I am excited about the new Breaking The Wall books! I really enjoyed those stories. Wolf’s Soul is something to look forward to also!
    One question… will there be copies of books available for sale of Wolf’s Soul like last time?

    • janelindskold Says:

      Hi Angie, The Breaking the Wall books are reprints, just to clarify. Someday I’ll write Book Four.

      As to Wolf’s Soul, YES, I will be selling copies directly and since my website bookshop has been updated and polished, the books should be available soon after release. (I will need to order my copies and have them arrive!)

      Thanks for asking.

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