Footprints in the Air

Dripping Wet Polar Bear

On some levels, I feel as if I’ve been running on a hamster wheel these last several weeks—working really hard, but going nowhere.

Of course, that’s an illusion.   The new “Breaking the Wall” e-books are polished, formatted, and being uploaded as you read this.  Wolf’s Soul is still with my meticulous copy editor, but I’ve been writing the cover copy.  And I’ve been working on background for the fourth “Star Kingdom” novel.

Thing is, all of these projects have lots of steps that—if done right—leave no footprints.  Next week, I’ll tell you about some of those for the new “Breaking the Wall” e-books, including why there’s such a big change in the cover art, and about the extra content.

Especially at times like these, I need to do something that reminds me there’s a world outside of my office.  Although New Mexico has four seasons, including winter temperatures cold enough for snow, for a week or so in February, we get a warm spell.  This lasts just long enough to let us hope we’re done with freezing and below.  Last Saturday was clear, sunny, with temperatures in the low 70’s, so Jim and I went to the zoo.

Like us, the animals were really enjoying the weather.  For the first time in “real life” I saw a gorilla stand up and pound his chest.  The siamang family was putting on an arboreal exhibition so dramatic that we stood and watched for quite a long while.  The black and white lemur tribe was sunbathing (completely adorable, with arms outspread) and so cheerful that they entertained us with a loud chorus during which each member very seriously concentrated on his or her own part.

Jasmine, the elder of our two young elephants, was playing with the ducks in the elephant pond.  The ducks seemed amused and, rather than flying away, just paddled slowly out of reach.  Jazzy’s little brother, Thorn, sucked water up his trunk, then squirted it onto some of the plants—and his own head.

Most of the cats were napping, but the jaguar was roaming his new, quite large, enclosure, going up and over his cat bridge.  One of the polar bear twins was swimming and diving, quite evidently showing off.  Three of the Mexican wolves were trotting around their enclosure, including leaping over and around the many downed trees that provide interest to their home.

One thing I really like about our zoo is that all the animals have the option of taking themselves off-exhibit.  This means that if they’re out and about, they’re more likely to be active and seem unphased by their human audience.  It’s really much nicer for all of us.

As if encouraging me to get back to work, this week is supposed to be overcast and maybe snowy.  So I’ll get back to striding along, getting things done, even if no mark of my labors remains.

Y’know “walking on air” is often used as a metaphor for feeling really good.  Think of me there, walking on air, leaving no footprints, but making progress nonetheless!


4 Responses to “Footprints in the Air”

  1. King Ben's Grandma Says:

    Interesting cover art. I can’t wait to re-read these fun stories. With the Lunar New Year recently celebrated, I decided to see what my year animal was. I am a Monkey, Earth Monkey to be exact. I vaguely remember the Monkey from this series, but I’ll be paying more attention this time.

  2. Harried Harry Says:

    Nice to see someone with “Footprints in the Air”. Enjoy yourself.

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