Veering Off Target


Saturday afternoon Jim and I were out in the yard throwing atlatl darts, as one does on a lovely spring afternoon.  One of my shots hit the edge of the stacked hay bales we use as targets, veered right, went through a cedar tree and then through both sides of a five-gallon bucket we had set to catch rainwater under a gutter.

The bucket slowed the dart—yep, despite the darn things being taller than I am, the proper term for them is “dart”—thus preserving the thirty-two gallon trash can filled with water that was there.

So, good luck?  Bad luck? Raw chance?

How you choose to see it is up to you.  Or who you are, I suppose.  The bucket would say “bad luck.”  The trash can “good luck.”  The dart “raw chance.”

All I know is that I need to get another bucket…

Dealing with what I can is how I tend to function.  On that note, I’ve had a lot of queries as to how Jim and I are doing in these days of social isolation and such.

I’m happy to report that very little has changed.  I already work from home.  Jim is now retired, so not only doesn’t he need to go into work, he’s available to run what limited errands we need run.  This keeps asthmatic me one step away from random infection.

Certain things are slowing down.  Wolf’s Soul is to the stage where I need to review a print proof.  Since I use Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, needless to say, there’s a slowdown.  I’ll get the proof when I get it.  The e-book is pretty much completed, but I’m holding it so I can release both books at the same time.  This also enables me to make sure any errors I catch in the print version can be fixed, if necessary, in the e-book as well.

With the new e-book versions of the three “Breaking the Wall” novels out, and Wolf’s Soul as far along as I can take it for now, I’m moving my creative energies over to working on the yet untitled fourth novel in the “Star Kingdom” series I’ve been doing with David Weber.  I’ve been working on SK4 through all the rest, but much of that work has been in the form of research rather than actual prose.  My hope is to get prose written this week.

I may be writing longhand for a bit, because that’s often a good way to convince my brain to go sideways into a new universe and set of characters.  We’ll see.

I wish for you what I wish for myself: May you turn bad luck into good luck, and embrace what chance hands you.

6 Responses to “Veering Off Target”

  1. Harried Harry Says:

    Congrats to Jim for retiring just in time to be quarantined at home with you. Changing what you are working on is always a challenge. In my former life I had to do this daily. It always takes some method to turn your head around so it fits into the “new” task or assignment. As for the bucket, fix it with duck or duct tape!

    I just finished reading all the early Star Kingdom stories and found them to be just as entertaining as the books I’m reading now. Our library is closed for the duration so I’m trying to read the books I haven’t read here at home. I’m also trying to do a bunch of chores (is such a thing correct?) since my Jeep has a lot of new parts to install.

    The trees are now in bloom, so I won’t be pruning any more but I still need to collect the branches I cut off and dispose of them. Just like the old books in my collection, I hate to do it but it is necessary. I finally figured out how to make my printer work so I won’t need to return it. New stuff is always challenging especially when the manufacturer changes the methodology from all other printers they’ve made in the past.

    Best wishes to you and yours. Stay away from the flowers and blooming trees. (Asthma and allergies seem to run together). I’m trying to exercise, but my dogs are so much faster than I am when walking. Looking is fine since you still need to look to find where to plant your “garden” even if it’s flowers.

    • janelindskold Says:

      Thanks for the encouragement. I’m used to managing my asthma, which IS allergy-related. I’m careful to wash my face, hands, and sinuses if I’ve been out any great period of time.

      And I exercise indoors because great deep breaths of what ails me is just dumb.

      Glad you liked the Star Kingdom books…

  2. King Ben's Grandma Says:

    Being disabled almost 20 years means I’m used to being a hermit already. My only change is King Ben being out of school and even that happens a few times a year with Breaks.

    Like you, I tend to deal with what IS happening rather than what MIGHT happen. It took a while to make it a habit but I’m so much happier and less stressed.

  3. Jane DreamForge Says:

    “How you choose to see it is up to you. Or who you are, I suppose. The bucket would say “bad luck.” The trash can “good luck.” The dart “raw chance.”

    I just love that! So appropriate for all that’s going on right now.

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