Thyme For Irony

Pink Chintz Thyme

I’ve had a twist in my stay-at-home, work-from-home, whatever you want to call it, lifestyle.  Before I tell you about that, an update.

The cover for Wolf’s Soul,  the sequel to Wolf’s Search, is still not right, so I’ve ordered Proof Three.  So I don’t bore the folks who tuned in last week, here’s a link to a mysterious masked writer and a copy of Proof One.

I’m thinking about using the proofs as one-of-a-kind giveaways.  Does that sound interesting?

(If you’re really eager, sign up for my mailing list, because at least one giveaway is going to be exclusively offered there.  There’s a link on my website.)

So, now for the twist….

I’ve been very careful about self-isolation because I have allergy-related asthma.  For five days of the week, not much changed.  My office is in my home.  I work for myself.  Jim is retired and took over most of the errands about a year ago.

Weekends changed, absolutely.  That’s when Jim and I would go out, see friends, host our gaming group.  Going anywhere or having guests ended for me over a month ago.

This year, maybe because of our wet (for us) winter, allergens are at a high level.  So despite my being careful, my asthma ramped up.  About two weeks ago, I had to add a medication that has taken about half my voice.  The half that remains sounds as if I’ve swallowed a rusty scrubbing pad.

Okay.  Maybe not that bad.  Well, not all the time.  However, if I talk for more than a few sentences, my throat gets tight.  So here I am, now properly self-isolated because I can’t even take a phone call without scaring the person on the other end.

But I’ll manage.

Two more weeks to go on the meds (which are helping a lot) and I should be back to what passes for normal.  Meantime, our gaming group is now experimenting with meeting on-line via Zoom.  When we did, I kept the hot drinks on tap and managed all right but, later, my throat called me a few choice names.

So there you have it.

Oh, the picture?  That’s pink chintz creeping thyme.  To me creeping thyme is a great plant to illustrate irony because—ironically—it doesn’t much mind being stepped on.

Or maybe I should think of it as a thyme of fortitude.  Yeah, I like that!

Okay, I’m off to romp with the treecats.  The yet untitled Star Kingdom novel 4 (in collaboration with David Weber) is taking shape and I want to see what happens next.  Later!

6 Responses to “Thyme For Irony”

  1. King Ben's Grandma Says:

    Hope you’re feeling better soon! We’ve had a cold, wet spring in SoCal too. The weeds have run rampant. Its supposed to flip into the 90s for the week or so. 🙄 I fear that heat and people stuck together is going to cause friction in stressed out households. ☹
    Enjoy your treecat adventures!

  2. Katie Says:

    Glad you’re on the mend! I had almost the exact same problem about a month ago. It doesn’t feel great to not be able to breathe during a respiratory illness pandemic. Now we’re moving into storm season in tornado alley as well. The curse of living in interesting times!

  3. Harried Harry Says:

    I’m really sorry your asthma has kicked you this thyme. Enjoy your world making efforts and avoid getting anymore negative stuff in your life. Some of my flowers are starting to come up and my pecans are now in bloom (I’m allergic to the fronds & spores.) Don’t you just love this time of year!

    I agree with Katie, not being able to breathe is a real challenge when your lungs don’t wish to cooperate. Thankfully, the Dr’s have some very effective medicines which help. Now to find more books to read which I can download to my Nook. Not being able to go to the Library is a real challenge; I may have to go to the shop and unpack some of the books I have in storage.

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