Bitten Off, Coming Back

Frost-blackened Accented with Renewal Green

We’ve had a warm spring, which meant that a lot of our perennials started leafing out on the early side.  Then, in mid-April, we had just enough of a frost that many tender leaves were killed.

Sometimes, even if a plant is well-established, a sudden chill like this can kill not just the leaves, but limbs.  Sometimes you can lose the entire plant.

Jim and I have been watching carefully and, as of today, we have seen evidence that although we lost leaves, we haven’t lost any plants.  Yay!

Pictured is our pomegranate shrub.  Whether or not we get fruit will be the next question, because pomegranates produce leaves first, then flowers, then fruit.  (Unlike, say, cherries or apricots, which flower before they leaf out.)  Our pomegranates usually need the length of the summer to ripen, and this year they’ll be getting a late start.

But the shrub survived.  That’s what’s important.  We’ll rejoice at the leaves, hope for the flowers, dream of the fruit to come.

3 Responses to “Bitten Off, Coming Back”

  1. King Ben's Grandma Says:

    Hurray for the surviving plant! And what a great metaphor for life in general. Thank you.

  2. Harried Harry Says:

    Hurray! You’ll have fruit, maybe. I looked at my trees today after I finished making all the repairs to the watering stuff. The plum trees are full, so I’ll need to remove some of the fruit so the remainder will be larger. The pear has a lot of small ones, so I should have a good crop. The peach is doing very well. Now the trees are being watered so I should have some fruit this year. I hope to get the garden planted this next week (I know, I’m late).

    I agree your last statement is a great metaphor for life. I need to make it into a poster so I can remember it each day.

  3. Beverly Martin Says:

    Thank you for an uplifting blog. Just what the doctor ordered!

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