Is It Okay If?

Cactus Flowers and Bee

Is it okay if I admit that the one thing I’d like to do right now is go write fiction?

I’ve been out of my house and yard only rarely.  One of these jaunts was to visit a greenhouse and help choose a few items for our garden.  Another, was to pick up Roary, the kitten.  This has left me little opportunity to come across oddities to stimulate the writing of lively essays.

However, in that time, I have released Wolf’s Soul, the eighth Firekeeper novel, available now as a Kindle (mobi) e-book , and as an e-pub e-book from Barnes and Noble, Google Play, i-Tunes, and Kobo.

If you prefer print, Wolf’s Soul is a trade paperback from Amazon.

But that’s hardly new news, although very exciting for me.

Even if I may be short of essay-stimulating material, my imagination is working fine.  So, is it okay if I go write more of the yet-untitled fourth novel in the Star Kingdom series?  That way, one of these days, you can join me on the planet Sphinx where almost-sixteen year-old Stephanie Harrington is discovering what David Weber playfully termed “skullduggery in the bush.”


5 Responses to “Is It Okay If?”

  1. James Mendur Says:

    The author Dean Wesley Smith has been doing a daily blog for over 10 years. Some days, his blog entry is along the lines of “Just putting this here to keep the streak alive.” And that’s okay.

    Go. Write.

    Also, the occasional kitten photo would be a perfectly acceptable.


  2. Harried Harry Says:

    Write! Stimulate your imagination. Take a walk around the block or the park. Imagine, if you will, the territory of your neighborhood “peopled” with more Roary critters. Have fun, take a few pictures and see how they fit into your life.

    You’ve treated us to enjoyment, so you do deserve to treat yourself. As James said, a few kitten and cat pictures are fine for us too. My son sent me some dog pictures which are very cute to see. I’m sure a kitten can be more expressive than a dog.


    • janelindskold Says:

      Jim does the pictures. I’m limiting outdoor time because the current allergens are hitting me hard, so going for a nice walk would be great but also would have Consequences. Sigh. Again, thanks for letting me know kitten pics are good. We’ll see what we can do!

  3. greywolf Says:

    YES!! Can’t wait for new Stephanie Harrington and treecats!!

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