Wolf’s Soul Copies Have Arrived!

Roary Romps With the Wolves

After storm and flood and wild, windy weather, my copies of Wolf’s Soul have arrived.  This means that those of you who wanted to order copies directly from me can now do so via my website bookshop.

I offer signing and personalization at no additional charge.  Prices include shipping via Media Mail.

While you’re there, you can take a look at other books I have available.  Especially as some of my earlier novels are becoming harder and harder to find, if you’re looking for a not-previously read copy, my bookshop may provide you with a most reasonably priced option.  Many of the books offered are first edition, first printing, and in excellent condition considering how many years have gone by since they were first published.

(There are advantages to living in a dry climate!)

I’m slowly updating other elements of my website as well, but my first priority is writing.  The fourth book in the Star Kingdom series is moving along nicely, so administrative chores come second to writing more about Stephanie and Lionheart, in the early days of contact between humans and treecats on Sphinx.

So, off to write!  Catch you later…

6 Responses to “Wolf’s Soul Copies Have Arrived!”

  1. King Ben's Grandma Says:

    Order placed. Very exciting. I’m still reading a page or two before I fall asleep. I want to finish it, but in a way, I dont. It’s always that way with good stories.

  2. Ken Says:

    Oooh, I’ll have to pick this up when I’m not broke lol. I prefer electronic so I always have my library in my pocket, but paperback is how I found Firekeeper. I had went bed, visiting my sister’s place and couldn’t sleep. I perused her bookshelf & saw the first few Firekeeper books on the shelf and ended up staying up all night, absorbed by them 🙂 She sent them home with me since I loved them so much.

    Just finished Wolf’s Soul. It was so good! I’m glad you went with the “single cour” method (to borrow the anime analogy you made prior) to push content sooner than later, as I was very eager for more Firekeeper. Are you already coming up with ideas for the next book, or is that shelved for a bit to move on to other projects?

    I’m eager to see more of Firekeeper and Blind Seer exploring the new possibilities they unlocked by the end of Wolf’s Soul (don’t want to be spoiling lol). I’d love to see some non-earth shaking intrigue time spent just them running around doing their thing, catching up with the old friends; plus a visit to Misheemnekuru now would be interesting 🙂


    • janelindskold Says:

      Thanks for the enthusiasm. I am not going to write a new Firekeeper for quite a while to come. I have another project I want to get back to, and I’m writing three more books with David Weber. Meanwhile, Firekeeper and Blind Seer will be roaming my back brain, preparing for some future story.

      I don’t know the term “single cour” but I am glad you approved. I’m still waiting to see if the next bit of SaiYuki will come out this summer as scheduled…

  3. Heather Rider Says:

    Thank you for continuing the Firekeeper Saga. I was sad when Wolf’s Blood seemed to be the end. Then a few weeks ago Amazon recommended Wolf’s Search and Wolf’s Soul (which I just finished a few moments ago). I was so happy for them, this book has really turned a corner in the saga and presents some new ideas that will be quite interesting to see fleshed out.

    I hope we won’t have as long to wait for book 9 as we waited for book 7 and 8, but I know you can’t rush these things. Artistic juices run on Hawaiian Time, the next book will be written when it is written. XD

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