Once Again, I Was Reminded

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Once again, this past week, I was reminded that the best way for me to write is to set the bar very low and see what happens.   On Friday, smoke from fires in Arizona were making me very headachy.  That, combined with having to make numerous phone calls and other distractions, meant that by the time I was able to settle into writing, I thought I was too tired to get anything done.

Nonetheless, I kept a promise made to myself  long ago to try to write at least twelve sentences every work day.  Within an hour and a half, I had written an astonishing ten pages on SK4.

How I came up with twelve sentences as my personal “low bar,” was something I evolved back when I had had a fulltime job as a college English professor.  Something  Roger Zelazny said about his own work habits got me thinking and…   Well, I’ve wandered on about this before, so rather than repeating myself, I’ll just suggest you look here.

I don’t typically write ten pages a day, so I was completely astonished.  I was also reminded that being upset with myself because I don’t think I can make a “good day’s work” is the best way to keep myself from getting anything done at all.

On that note, after a public service announcement, I’ll be off to write some more.

It’s been a while since I reminded you and, knowing that many people don’t read these posts every week, I’d like to note that Wolf’s Soul, the eighth book in the Firekeeper Saga, is now available.  Wolf’s Soul winds up the story begun in last July’s Wolf Search.  I’ve been getting e-mails and messages from readers, as they finish reading the book.  I appreciate the overwhelming enthusiasm readers are showing for the direction in which Firekeeper and Blind Seer (with me as scribe) took their story.

If you are so inclined, we’d all appreciate spoiler-free reader reviews on the bookseller’s website of your choice.  Word of mouth is the best publicity a book can ask for.  In these days of isolation, word-of-electron is even more important.

Now…  Off to write!

3 Responses to “Once Again, I Was Reminded”

  1. Harried Harry Says:

    Sometimes the best way to get something done is to start working on it, keep the noise levels down (I used to use ear plugs and noise protectors) and just try to get something done. Many times hours go by cause you are not distracted by other things so you accomplish more.
    My challenge is getting started, especially these days when it’s so darn hot, even in the am. The other night it was 98° at midnight, so very difficult to sleep. I finally did sleep but the dogs didn’t so I should have stayed up.

    My son sent me a gift certificate for Father’s Day, so now I have one of the books and will order the other soon. I’m trying to finish some of the stories I already started to read before I start on another. My son is a voracious reader who sometimes is reading three or four books at a time. I’m not so greedy; I’ll try to stick to two stories at a time.

    Having to breathe when the air is filled with smoke is never fun. I have asthma and years back we were on a camping trip on our way to Montana. Of course, we went through AZ, UT, ID ’cause we usually take the scenic routes. We passed through Sho Low AZ but the smoke was so thick you could cut it. Thank heavens for A/C! I’ve found you can use a neckerchief doused in water to screen some of the smoke out. Easier to use a dust mask or an N95 (if you can find one). Best wishes!

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