FF: This Is A Blank

Kwahe’e Is Never Unpleasant

I’ve been writing like a mad fiend, which does cut into my reading time…  But the weekend is coming!

For those of you unfamiliar with this column, the Friday Fragments lists what I’ve read over the past week.  Most of the time I don’t include details of either short fiction (unless part of a book-length collection) or magazines.  The Fragments are not meant to be a recommendation list.  If you’re interested in a not-at-all-inclusive recommendation list, you can look on my website under Neat Stuff.

Once again, this is not a book review column.  It’s just a list with, maybe, a bit of description or a few opinions tossed in.

Recently Completed:

The Tyrant’s Tomb by Rick Riordan.  Audiobook.  Trials of Apollo, four.  Quite good, although I felt as if Riordan lost some of his usual grip on mythic elements and use of humor in non-humorous settings.  Nonetheless,  I enjoyed.

The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club by Dorothy L. Sayers.  As with her prior novel, a story in which timing is a key element.

In Progress:

For once, this is blank because I probably won’t have time until Saturday to figure out what I’m reading next.

I think I need a break from classic mystery.


Earlier in the year, I subscribed to a couple of short fiction magazines, in addition to DreamForge, which I read pretty much as soon as I get my copy.  I’ve been dipping into these.

6 Responses to “FF: This Is A Blank”

  1. Beverly Martin Says:

    This week, I read Dragon and Thief (Dragonback #1) by Timothy Zahn. As the blurb says, Jack Morgan has a dragon on his back – literally. This is a Young Adult, coming of age story with the symbiote dragon providing help for Jack as well as the voice of wisdom. Nothing really grabbed me in this book. I think the plot idea is good and it has a lot of potential. I will read the next book to see if I learn to care about the characters.

    I also read Coconut Layer Cake Murder (Hannah Swensen #25) by Joanne Fluke. In this series, the heroine is a baker and the murder mystery story is told with recipes sprinkled in. Yes, I have read all of them. The stories keep my interest and there are interesting secondary characters and family members (sound familiar, like Stephanie?) Sometimes the recipes are excellent. I didn’t get hooked on any of them this time. Quick read – 1 day.

    Last, I read The October Man (Rivers of London 7.5) by Ben Aaronovitch. This is not a Peter Grant book or a London book. It takes place in Germany with police investigator Tobias Winter. The bones of the story are identical to a London book, murder, magic and an assistant with talent. I enjoyed it.

    • janelindskold Says:

      I wonder if my mom might like the baking mysteries. She’s a wonderful cool. I’ve not tried this series. I read one with a caterer. The first book was excellent, but the second needed Idiot Plot elements (ie. someone acts like an idiot) to justify the caterers involvement. This is a big NO for me, so I stopped there.

  2. King Ben's Grandma Says:

    I’m still working on The Toll by Neal Shusterman. I only get a few pages read before I fall asleep. It’s not a reflection on the book, it’s my busy life.
    We heard from Ben’s teacher that they’re going to try to have on campus school two days a week starting with the Fall semester. That was excellent news! Ben needs hands on teaching and he needs the social aspect of school. It’s all obviously subject to change, but San Diego County has been doing better than many of the other large counties in the state, so I’m hopeful. Boy, I miss school!😉😆

  3. Harried Harry Says:

    I finished the second omnibus edition of The Dragonspire Chronicles by James E. Wisher. This was the conclusion to the six books. So far, no seventh book seems to be in the works. Decent storyline with well developed main characters but many of the secondary characters were not well developed at all. For a YA series it wasn’t bad and I enjoyed reading it. Contrary to many recent novels, the two main characters didn’t get involved with each other until they grew to be friends first. No sex involved but a good concept of learning to know the other person before going any further like with romance. Not as predictable as some would think, but an enjoyable read.

    Everyone, enjoy your weekend.

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