Little Sparkles

Kumihimo bracelets, lanyards, and key-chains

A lot going on here…  I’m now immersed in getting a copy of SK4 (the yet untitled fourth book in the Star Kingdom series I’m writing in collaboration with David Weber) into Jim’s hands.  My website is undergoing some revision, so it’s going to look a bit weird for a few weeks.  Also, I appreciate how many of you have signed up for my mailing list.  I will be doing a drawing for a giveaway before the end of summer (I hope), and mailing list people will get their own special “thank you” at that time.

Lately, when I’m not being a writer, a small business owner, or cat wrangler, I’m definitely spending a lot of time on my garden.  Monday night, it got bombarded by hail, but most of the plants have survived.  Yay!

Another favorite hobby activity is beadwork.  A couple of years ago, courtesy of a birthday gift from my sister, Ann, I became devoted (Jim would probably say “addicted”) to doing kumihimo with beads.  I mentioned my new interest at the time, but I thought I’d share where that has taken me nearly two years later.

The photo shows a limited assortment of the pieces I’ve created: limited, because I’ve given quite a few bracelets and several keychains as gifts.  Recently, I graduated to making longer pieces.  Ironically, I’d intended to use these as badge lanyards for future conventions but, now that everything has gone virtual, I guess I’m making them so I’ll be ready when there are conventions again!

I will admit, as much as I enjoy the bracelets, there’s something very satisfying about making a thirty inch or so rope.  These involve approximately 1,800 beads per finished piece, each of which is braided in individually.

Unlike my writing, which takes many months before anyone other than me gets to see the finished project, or a gardening project, which also takes a long time to develop, kumihimo gives me something to look at and enjoy within a few hours (although the complete project takes longer, depending on length and complexity).

There’s probably something profound there about creative contrasts, but I haven’t figured it out.  What I do know is that I really enjoy my little sparkles!

5 Responses to “Little Sparkles”

  1. Alien Resort Says:

    The bracelet reminds me of making animated videos: If you want a 60 second video at 30 frames per second, you need 1800 frames. And visually the effect would bear similarities to the bracelet.

  2. David nash Says:

    Damn, Jane…youre quick on the sanitizing lol… Check out my current facebook posts lol

  3. Harried Harry Says:

    Hobbies (or addictions) can be very therapeutic. At times, I try to tie flies. I get very frustrated since I don’t see backwards like some do. Most of the videos I’ve got and the formal fly-tieing sessions I’ve gone to require the brain to work in a mirror fashion. My brain has enough trouble just seeing what’s in front of me, let alone what is in the mirror.

    As a suggestion, you can make some necklaces to which a person could attach an emergency tag. However, please include a break-a-way connector so a person can’t strangle. I’ve seen some which have a small container which contains a micro chart with the persons’ meds listed. This helps an EMT know what to avoid if the person is not aware but they need help. Just a thought.

    Enjoy all your plants, even the ones you and I call “weeds”.

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