Churning About

Sunflowers and Wind Chime

This week I’m completely distracted, but it’s a good sort of good distraction: I’m nearly done with the—yes, still untitled, but that gives you something to look forward to, right?—manuscript of SK4, the fourth novel in the Star Kingdom series that I’m writing with David Weber.

Jim has finished his read-through, and I’m engaged in correcting typos.  I’m also making up a list of possible titles to include in my cover letter.  I’ve finished creating five different support files.

If you’ve ever seen a pool into which a waterfall is crashing, imagine me as the pool.  The water has finished falling, but there’s a lot of churning about before the water will begin to flow toward its next point.

So, on that note, I’ll leave you to enjoy the pretty flowers!

Blanket Flower in Bloom

4 Responses to “Churning About”

  1. dreddpirate Says:

    Looking forward to the next Star Kingdom novel!

  2. Harried Harry Says:

    Congrats on your almost finished work. Editing is always a pain, but it allows a person to improve the writing by finding the few errors of the way.

    Thanks for the picture of the flowers. Very pretty. I was reading an article on four wheeling in the San Juan Mts. of Colorado and found out it is not legal to pick any flowers. I guess taking a picture is the best you can hope for but leaving the flowers allows others to see them in their natural state.

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