Super Wandery Wandering

Wandering On High

Some of you may have seen an “out of stock” notice for Wolf’s Search on my website bookshop.  I’m happy to announce that my new supply arrived last Saturday night, and it’s now back in stock.

What?  Website bookshop?  What’s that?  You can find it here.  Shipping via Media Mail is included in the price for orders within the U.S..  At least for now the prices remain the same, although if some of the dreaded changes predicted for the U.S. do happen, I may be forced to charge more because I’ll be paying more for shipping.  Signing and personalization is free, which is a good deal, when you consider that you pay extra for signed items from sports and media stars.

The shop includes a large number of my older works, and will for as long as I have copies.  Then they will go out of print, possibly forever.  Since not all my older works are available as e-books (I’m working on these, but I only have so much energy, time, and money), this may be the best way to find some of my older works.

Wandering off on another point…  As I recover from a long extended course of writing, I’ve been catching up on chores: shredding, filing, sorting.  Shredding is proving to be a lot like time travel, bringing up memories of trips gone by, even older technologies.  In one file I’d missed, I actually found a physical plane ticket as issued by a travel agent.  (Remember those?)

I’ve also been going through magazines and tearing out pages with interesting pictures.

It’s very odd, but while I’m a visual enough writer that I could sit with one of those artists the police use to create sketches of suspects and work toward perfect portraits of my characters, I often have trouble without a visual to start from.  I know what they look like, but since I don’t cast media personalities as my characters, I can’t say: “Just like the guy who plays X in Y, but only blond with blue eyes.”

But I love visual images, and browsing through them often stimulates my imagination, thus the file.

I’ve been mulling over a lot of things lately.   Most of these are either not coherent enough for me to discuss or would take a lot of research for me to write about here, because I tend to specifics, not generalizations.  I guess you could say they’d make better panel topics than essays or blog posts.

Right now my thoughts are a tumbling kaleidoscope of images, and I’m waiting to see what story they will shape.

One Response to “Super Wandery Wandering”

  1. Harried Harry Says:

    I think this time of year leads a person to wonder what they have accomplished over the past twelve months. For me, I really haven’t done much except read some books on my Nook, which I really enjoyed. My wife, however, didn’t appreciate the fact I was not working on the list of projects. I think I now realize the impact of the stay-at-home rules. In the past year, I’ve only left my property about six times and I was going to a medical appointment. Now I’m watching the birds build their nests which is a lot of fun.

    Years back I started writing some stuff, like a diary, on a word site I established. I was not aware it was open to the general public so when I received some comments on my writings I stopped writing. I guess I tend to be more private than I realized. Must be a hold over from my childhood where privacy was never to be found. My 12 siblings were very good at finding where I hid my musings.

    Enjoy the Easter and the Spring. It is time we all got outside to see the birds, the bees, and whatever is in the trees. Going through old stuff and eliminating the “trash” is a challenge. I know I have stuff I need to get shredded but I just hate to go through it; soon I’ll start on it again so it will be gone by the time Summer arrives.

    Enjoy your reading!

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