A Roaring Year

Roary Celebrates One Year Here

On May 13th, we celebrated a full year since Roary came into our lives as a seven-week-old medical foster.  (See here for when he first arrived.)

The term “foster fail” is very popular right now, so I want to make clear—this wasn’t a “foster fail.”  We intended to keep Roary from the start.  The only things that would have stopped our plans were if he turned out to be unhappy in our home, or our home (which includes other cats, as well as guinea pigs) was unhappy with him.  This didn’t happen. 

To our great delight, Roary not only proved to be everything we wanted—most especially a friend for shy Mei-Ling—but he also exceeded expectations.  He was a gentle companion to our elderly Kwahe’e, bringing a lot of joy to Kwahe’e’s final four months.  Even better, Roary convinced temperamentally-chaotic Persephone that he would make a great playmate. 

Interestingly, after spending the first two months of his life restricted to our spare guinea pig hutch (unless we could supervise him), Roary seems to have a lot of family feeling for Dandelion and Coco, our two guinea pigs. 

Roary and Mei-Ling: Great Pals

As a pandemic adoption, Roary’s new challenge is getting used to the idea that humans other than me and Jim can come into the house.  He was definitely spooky the first few times visitors came by, but to our great delight, Sunday night, when our gamers came over, he made a point of looking them over.  After they left, I saw him methodically sniffing where they had been sitting. 

Jim’s theory—and I agree—is that Roary got used to our gamers’ voices during the months we gamed via Zoom.  Therefore, even though they add four lively people to the household, they are less threatening than those humans who he didn’t get a chance to familiarize himself with, at least as sounds. 

We hope that once he learns that the gamers are actually potential admirers and friends, he’ll decide other guests are fine as well.  Certainly, the fact that Persephone likes guests should help. 

And who knows? Maybe Roary will even convince Mei-Ling to show her delightful bossy side to someone other than me and Jim.

4 Responses to “A Roaring Year”

  1. King Ben's Grandma Says:

    It seems both longer and shorter than one year. Time is a funny thing.
    Happy one year anniversary to Roary and family!🥳

  2. Beverly Martin Says:

    Roary is so pretty! And, you are all very lucky to have come together! Happy Homecoming anniversary to Roary and her “siblings!”

  3. Dawn Barela Says:

    Happy Adoptaversary to Roary! He grew up from an adorable kitten to a handsome fellow!! I can’t believe that it has been a year!!

  4. Harried Harry Says:

    Congratulations to you and to Roary. Enjoying a pets birthday or adoption day is always special. We celebrate our pets by designating a “birthday” for them and celebrating it with them. Always makes it more fun.

    I’m very happy your household is full again, not only with “critters” but also with your gamer friends. Enjoy the month.

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