Talk to Me!


The other day, someone asked me what was the most difficult thing I’d written.  The answer came easily…  These Wednesday Wanderings.

Why?  After over ten years, they’re starting to feel far too much like shouting down a well.  Sometimes I get a faint echo, but most of the time my words vanish into the depth.  Have I bored you or are my cats simply not cute enough?  <grin>

I very much appreciate those of you who react in some way, especially those who comment, but even those who take the time to hit a reaction button on Facebook or Twitter, where these are also posted.

I’m not looking for praise or evidence of devotion or anything.  Actually, I’d simply like to know what you’d like to hear about.  From time to time, I think about addressing one of the trendy topics of the moment, but that seems like inviting argument.

I’m very good at arguing, but I don’t particularly enjoy it.   Especially on social media, most of the time, those who want to argue have already made up their minds, so it’s a waste of energy, energy I’d rather spend writing.

Speaking of writing, last Friday I finished the editor’s notes for Library of the Sapphire Wind, which will be coming out Spring 2022, the first part of the “Over Where” duology.  It was a good process, and I think the book is a lot stronger for the revision—and I’m arrogant enough to say I thought it was pretty darn good before that!

This week, I’ll be diving into revising Aurora Borealis Bridge, which is the second part of the story.  The revised manuscript is due in by July 4th.  I want to get started at once because, as the death of my good friend Jan Stirling reminded me yet again, a tomorrow we can plan for is not promised to us, only hoped for.

So, talk to me…  I’d like to feel like I’m talking to at least one interested person, not just shouting down a well.


28 Responses to “Talk to Me!”

  1. zim328 Says:

    I look forward to reading your Wanderings every week!

  2. Peter Donald Says:

    <- interested person, just rarely has anything to say 🙂

    Very much looking forward to the new book!

  3. Beverly Martin Says:

    You are not shouting down a well! and your cats are beautiful and entertaining (so are the guinea pigs!) I enjoy your views on the process of creating, whether it is a craft, a garden or a book.

  4. Amanda Davis Says:

    I always love to read your Wandering Wednesday. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us. It’s a privilege to get to know you a little each week. It would never be anything I would expect from an author. I think too many people get their favorite authors confused with the characters the authors write in their books.

    And your cats are definitely cute enough!

  5. Dame Trouble Says:

    I always feel funny responding to authors and artists I admire – I feel like I am being presumptuous. I am slowly reading the Firekeeper books – 3 more to go (I bought the last two online after reading the first two) and am enjoying them very much. Looking forward to trying other books by you.

  6. Dame Trouble Says:

    P.S. Your Mei-Ling looks a lot like my Icicle, but no picture capability in comments.

  7. Alan Allinger Says:

    I’m looking forward to reading your new books, because you’re one of my favorite authors. Thanks for posting-

  8. King Ben's Grandma Says:

    I’ve been trying to reduce how much I comment. 😂 I tend to get a bit wordy. I’m a WIP as far as comments reduction goes 😆🌖🌊

  9. Svenn Lindskold Says:

    Jane, I like to check your comments just to see how a “writing” Lindskold is doing. At my age I no longer seem able to get anything going.. I like to note your gardening and wildlife observations as they are my former interests as well. I do not want to send you a series of moans and groans as all here wears out and falls apart, — but know that I’m an interested reader.

  10. anevergreen Says:

    I’m about two months behind on this email account, which means I’m two months behind on reading these, but I do read them, eventually 😉

    I probably ought to move the subscription to my other email address, which I check more regularly, if I can figure out how…

    What is above Mei-Ling’s head?

    • janelindskold Says:

      Mei-Ling has a new favorite toy: one of those fishing pole things, but made well, with rawhide thongs so we don’t need to worry she’ll just tear it to shreds.

  11. pauliwarren Says:

    I enjoy your posts!!

  12. James Mendur Says:

    I do read every WW and I enjoy them. Often, they’re in subjects I have no knowledge of (gardening, guinea pigs, wildlife of the American southwest, etc.) so commenting other than “ooh” or “ahh” would be wrong and I’m not an “ooh, ahh” commenter.

    And I do like the pictures of your pets.

    If you want feedback, though, end the WW with a question. It’s become considered rude to respond to a social media post when someone didn’t actually ask a question, when they’re just making an observation. I’ve been trying to follow that rule of etiquette.

    • janelindskold Says:

      Thank you, James. I appreciate education on the evolving etiquette. When I started these, I was told not to do that because it came across as “needy” or “pushy.” Times change!

  13. Julie Hagan Bloch Says:

    I was just hanging out in the well, when I heard someone wandering on a Wednesday. So I said, “Hellooooooo!”

  14. Harried Harry Says:

    If you are shouting into a well somebody at the bottom might answer. I’ve been at the bottom of a well so deep not even the sun is seen. However, a voice can be heard if very faint. The meow of a cat will penetrate so a person knows which way to go is up instead of digging their way to China.

    I read your WW often as well as the Friday Fragments. I enjoy them both since we live in the same type of climate and enjoy some of the same things. Gardening, dogs, and occasionally kittens which morph into cats. I allow the pecans to grow and the trees keep getting taller. I almost cried when my favorite apricot tree needed to be cut down; it was too close to the house and its roots were growing under the chimney’s foundation. The tree itself was over 40′ in height.

    Lately I’ve read a number of stories written by Danial Arenson. Most are pretty well developed with very lively scene development and the characters are very believable. My one complaint is the extreme usage of foul language. Reading some of the stories reminds me of when I served in the Army a century ago.

    Our local library is reopening to actual inside customers (library patrons). It will be so nice to see what books have shown up in the 16 months since I’ve been inside the doors. I never know when I’ll try a new genre which I may not have in my home library or on my Nook or tablet.

    Jane, have you finished your part of the Honorverse books you and David Weber were collaborating on? I’m just waiting to see the final result. I know David has a number of new books which are hitting the shelves, but I hadn’t heard about your book(s).

    Keep on writing, it will keep you out of trouble during the summer! Your stories will also provide us with new materiel to put on our lists for presents (birthdays, holidays, special events, anniversaries, etc.)

    • janelindskold Says:

      Hi Harry, SK4 (working title, Fools Imperiled) was turned in to Baen Books about six months ago. Weber has been catching up on all the he fell behind on, so we haven’t started discussing the details of SK5. When I finish w/ABB, I will need to have a serious discussion with him, and I’ve told him that I am available for discussion whenever he has time.

  15. Dawn Barela Says:

    Hi Jane, I haven’t commented much over the last several months due to the severity of my cataracts. But now that I have had surgery on both eyes I can read your posts again. I had to play catch up, because I was having trouble reading your posts too. My computer is on dark mode, which helped. But several pages still have a lot of white background which was very blinding to me. I am so happy to be able to see properly again.
    I was so sad when Jan passed away. She was a neat lady. I will really miss visiting with her at Bubonicon.
    I love reading your posts. Both WW and FF. I just don’t always have something to say.

    • janelindskold Says:

      Hi Dawn, I’m glad your eyes are doing better. That has to have been hard for you. No in person Bubonicon this year, but maybe we’ll meet up at Page One.

  16. Dawn Barela Says:

    OH, I love you cats and guinea pigs! They are so adorable!!

  17. Susan Says:

    Are you still planning to write Fools in Peril with David Weber?

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